5 Reasons why Your Guest Posts Will Be Rejected For Sure

To move on with advanced epoch in this online marketing world where you get the optimum chance to build traffic and high page ranks and for that you would require guest posting. Posting as a guest to your blogs or websites plays the pivotal role in building traffic and page rank because regular updates meet to your blog. Guest Posting is increasing as it has lots of benefits but in the same way it has rejections too.

Guest posting rejection is not only the problem associated with newbie’s but it sometime happened with the experienced ones.  In this content and online marketing field blog posting serves a lot to your blogs. But the point comes why guest posting rejected sometime, so if you want to know the reasons then put the attention towards this blog:

Guest Blogging

Here are the five reasons that leads your guest posts to rejection and that must be avoid to make your guest posting successful-

Avoiding blog owner’s guidelines: In the content marketing field, most of the blog owners have their own user guidelines which must be followed otherwise your post will be rejected. Here are some of the points which a blogger need in their blogs like-

  •  Word count limit: If you are a guest poster, then you have to fulfill the minimum word count required by the blog owner. Webmasters check the minimum word count limit to remain safe from Google Panda hit.
  •  Follow the linking guidelines: You have to follow the guidelines of linking to another blog post on the owner blogs. Use relevant anchor text and description for every link that you inserted in your guest post.

Post doesn’t contest the relevancy: Wrong subject may lead to cause rejection of your guest post on publisher blogs. Publishers need the content that closely match with the subject and don’t differ with the track because it is associated with the blog readers. So, when this requirement doesn’t match your post will be rejected.

Remedy about the uniqueness in content: Uniqueness is extremely important when you are writing a blog as readers more attracted towards uniqueness. But make sure that you don’t go away out of the track of title while creating uniqueness. Webmasters needs unique content with accumulation of proper keywords as they lead to build high traffic on search engines.

Lack of the social network familiarity: It is another reason that causes the rejection of your blog post. Be active on social events like prior guest posting, you should like and comment on previous blogs published by the blog owners. Follow the blog publisher on Twitter and add him on Google+ as it impacts better on blog owner.

Lack of the engagement with readers: As more your engagement with readers your blog Page Rank high and therefore traffic also increase. So, it is required to interact with the readers by replying on their comments to your post.

These are the five major reasons that lead to rejection of your guest post, so try to make the blog post fulfill all the requirement of blog publisher.



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