5 Ways to Make Money $$ (and Connections!) on Twitter

To grow the connection and build a giant network for your online business Twitter is the most eminent social media. Twitter is network growing platform that has developed its own vocabulary including tweets and trending topics. Platform allows you to tweet within 140 characters while photos, articles and websites are posted as links form.  Other users can re tweet, repeat and do reply to post for better connections. Twitter is provided with number of ways to meet new people and grow connection including recommendations, searches and directories. Here are the five ways to make and grow connections on Twitter-

how twitter make money

Complete your Twitter Profile and then grow connections

It’s no doubt that you can make money online through Twitting. First, you should complete your profile with the profile picture along with brief biography and explain what you like and what you do. After than you can do connections and promote your company services and products, contact the company and see the endorsement.

Always be trendy and updated on Twitter

Twitter is the most suitable platform to generate more blog traffic to your online business.  With the help of Twitter Feed, you can link your blog or YouTube channel to your Twitter account. Over 500 million Twitter users, you can find more readers and followers that act as potential clients for your business. You should consistently maintain your tweets on Twitter and use popular hash tags to trending topics so that other people can easily find your account.

Timing is mandatory at the time of Twitting

It is not about to feed 100 or more tweets per day because sometime this activity forced to hit the “unfollow” button. Therefore, it is important to tweet frequently and consistently in order to grab the attention of your followers on Twitter. Here is a site like Simply Measured which will calculate your Twitter stats and tell you the time zone of your followers. In this way you target the maximum followers for your website.

Use online Tools for consistently tweets

Well, in some cases you don’t have your cellphones and other mobile devices for tweeting, hopefully there are Twuffer or FutureTweets online tools available for tweeting. They help you to plan tweets ahead of time so that your account get the consistent tweets.

Nurture Connections

Social network is all about connecting to the people through your surroundings and then determine the target audience. You can connect with other Twitter users based on their interests and grow the network with interaction of followers. You can also connect with the followers through retweeting or favoriting tweets.

These are the key steps to grow your network on Twitter and boom with the follower’s connections to enhance product promotions or advertisements.



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