7 Ways Authors Waste Time ‘Building Platform’ On Social Media

With the extra-ordinary enhancement in the field of social media and search engine optimization, every one getting to involve in a race to get most popular on the social media platform and to come at the first position in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).To mend the current demands, authors are getting pressurized as they get the increasing stress to post more tweets, blogs, send newsletters in huge amount to promote their self in current social media dominant world. Authors sometime feel that what they do is never enough and always a question arises in minds of authors that why are we running as fast as we can to remain on the same platform? And this is just because of the online market demands that require unique and the latest things to get highlighted at first in this competition phase.

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You can see the certain thing that doesn’t work and totally wastage of time and result failure:

Grabbing huge amount of Twitter Followers

Grabbing thousands of followers is the wastage of time when you are not getting the appropriate attraction towards your books and blog spots. Only those follower’s matters who reads your books, articles etc and interacts with you despite other are worst.   And it is not a good practice to buy several of followers for just developing a platform and gain the achievement of having huge follower’s lists.

Promoting Facebook page ’likes’

People becoming crazy to gain the Facebook likes on their pages, even they pay for advertising on Facebook in order to get more likes. Creating a Facebook author page is a good idea to make you the presence on social media but the number of likes has no impacts on book selling.  And the trouble comes when you have signed up for personal page as from this step you get your blog links as spam. A writer can do the promotion by finding readers on a smaller social network like Redrooms, Shewrites etc.

Mass mail list for newsletters

A mass mailing concept for sending newsletters only leads to generate the spamming and blocking. But people are just racing towards it to enhance their productivity whether it going in a wrong way. Sending newsletters for every new published books or blog spots is the traditional concept now as social provides the same platform where you can do more things like sharing, linking, commenting and more which are not in newsletter. Create amazing bog, enable subscription to that is the better way to get updates.

Indulgence in expensive blog tours

Blog tours play the vital role because it offers the valuable things that help to target your blogs. The problem occurs in organizing tours like marketers who sends you on the tour are making money but the bloggers that you visit are not following that criteria and they are the actual readers who reviewing and interviewing your blogs. This is quite expensive in spite of that you can use guest blog once or twice a month.

Regular Blogging

Blogging in a regular way is a better practice to make the presence on web and must ensures that readers must be active about your posts but it annoys when too many notifications alerts with sluggish comments. You can also do the blogging on the weekly basis to aware the people about your books and articles.

Blog Hopping

In Blog hopping several of the contesting questions involved with prize hampers to grasp the audience more and more towards any of your services. But when you are working as a publisher author, a blog hop is the not the successful option. Either you can try with the fellow authors to do a joint sale or promotion.

Trouble about your Klout and social media rating

Social media ranking tools like Klout and Preindex show how much time you spend on social media instead of writing books. If somebody puts you down of not having a Klout rating over 80 then it represents your Klout is over.

To make the presence on social media, you have to make yourself smart and you will be successful.



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