Advantage and Disadvantage of Guest Posting

In the world of internet, blogging has become the earning source and that is the reason people engaging their self in blogging. There are numerous of blog owners who try to post on any other niche of blog which have highest ranking or possess high traffic. Now, several blog owners allowing guest post to their blog for increasing their performance on the web as they never approved this thing before. The main motive behind this procedure is providing the post on your blog everyday so that rank will improve. So, to enhance the growth of the blog, bloggers will allow their friends and readers to post their articles and contents on that blog. Generally, there are multiple websites which offers guest posting in spite of that famous blog owners are also approving the guest posting. Guest posting includes several advantages but also have the disadvantages too.

Advantage of Guest Posting

Increased Traffic– With the help of guest posting, you can enhance the number of visitors on your blog. When any of your readers or friends posted on your blog then it is quite simple way to get more number of visitors on the blog. Enormously, you can get the more visits though the subscribers post and even more, friends of visitors also started visiting sites of their friends with the help of that you can gain huge number of visitors on your site.

Regular Updates– You can get the daily updates from guest author postings, so this will help to index your website on search engine.  This is the need of every blog owner to post at least one article on daily basis to enhance the rank.  However, if blog owner post the article randomly not in a regular manner then this would become a tedious task to index the page on search engine and result in lower processing or lower indexations of your blog. Sometime if you have any problems cause of that you cannot be able to provide post everyday at that time guest authors will help you to post articles on your site and it will improve your site listing on the search engine.

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Disadvantage of Guest Posting

Back linking- If you have several of guest authors then many of them are posted for back links only. They usually do posting to get more dofollow back links from your blog to get the good Google page rank of their website.

Threat of plagiarism in the published posts

When you receive a grand guest submission and after reading and checking its uniqueness when you decided to post that article after that you job is not finish actually your job starts here as you have to regular check that the same article is not posted by the guest post person on the other blog and this also adds an extra work load to your work.

 Losing visitors-Though guest posting, you will lose the number of visitors because guest authors redirect the visitors to their website and this will provide the bad impact on your website. Subsequently, you will lose the number of visitors and page rank is also decreases.

So, guest posting have lots of advantages and benefits but also includes some disadvantage which affect your blog ranking on the search engine. Therefore, it is your choice whether to go with guest posting for your blog or not by looking all the merits and demerits.



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