Adwords Major Updates in 2013

Google has announced lots of changes in Adwords and it’s search algorithms through out the year 2013. Here few major updates in adwords are covered. I hope it will help you all while running a campaign and managing adwords accounts.

Change In Ad Rank Formula: Extensions & Ad Formats Matter

Last Month Google has announced change in ad rank formula and was the most important update of 2013 according to experts.

People working in this industry already know about how the ad rank is calculated but as there is a major change in the ad rank this change affects how Adwords decides the ranking order of competing ads on a keyword search listing page.

Before the update This is how ad rank is calculated

Ad Rank = Mac CPC x Quality Score

Ad rank plays an important role in determining how much your competitors will pay for their clicks.

How much amount your closest competitor will pay ?

= { Ad Rank of closest competitor / Your Quality Score } + 1 Cent.

Now after the update ad rank formula will also include the third component i.e. your ad extensions and formats. This shows that the us of Ad extension and forma is no longer an optional.

The importance of ad extension has been increased an if Google anticipates a positive impact from your Ad Extensions then your ad position will improve and CPC will go down.


Flexible Bid Strategies

As the word itself says Flexible so this updates helps advertisers to apply different bidding strategies within the same campaign or across different campaigns.

The advertiser has option to choose the appropriate bidding strategy that will be helpful for the business either go for optimizing for cost per click or position or conversion.

flexible bid

Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA)

Remarketing lists for search ads provides yet another opportunity to optimize your search campaigns by letting you tailor your keyword bids and ad text for your highest value prospects — people who have visited your website in the past — when they’re searching for what you sell.

Paid Vs Organic Report


Paid vs. Organic Report can be found in dimension tab and it is designed to help advertisers to analyze and optimize your search footprint on Google.

Ready Image Ads & Ready Ad Gallery

This update is helpful to most of the advertisers particularly for small businesses who might not employ full-time graphics design resources.

It will be easy for all advertisers to easily create awesome and compelling ads for their display ad & remarketing campaigns.


In Market Targeting

There is one more update for display network but there was no announcement for that. You can find it in interest Category i.e. In-Market Buyers segments. It is designed to target those visitors whose has site visitation habits and want to make a purchase.


Dynamic Remarketing

This is one of the best feature that Google has updated this year as Google has launched Google Merchant account so retailers having Merchant Center account can use dynamic remarketing feature to construct remarketing ads predicted to perform best based on visitors’ past actions on-site.

Location-Based Bid Management


Now advertisers no longer have to create multiple campaigns for targeting a specific state, city, or area code, all now can be done using a single campaign. Using Location-Based Bid Management it possible to set bidding adjustments for specific locations within each campaign, making it a huge time saver for PPC marketers.

Time-Based Bid Management

Bid Adjustment

Managing bids at peak hours or during week ends is incredibly valuable one for advertisers. Using Time-Based Bid Management now advertisers can choose to lower max bid in the overnight hours or during the week ends according to their requirement.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Shows Trademark term

 keyword planner trademark term
CPM Bidding update



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