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G-Analytics powered by Google is the most powerful tool for tracking most eminent details of one’s website and this is available free. This amazing tool targets on gathering information and facts about a website and tracking the information like who views the page of website, where the visitors come from, what are the things they do on the website and implement the changes in order to ensure visitor’s do come back . Your website gain the tremendous benefits in terms of generating more leads from the visitors and grow the revenue of your online business.

But why we need alternative options to this eminent resource? The reasons for choosing alternatives to G-Analytics includes the various parameters like data limits, pricing for premium services, report updating delay, and difficult interface with complicated language that makes interpretation difficult.

To overcome the limitations and complexity of Google Analytics, here are some important software’s that serves as an alternative option-

Reinvigorate– This is an astonishing software that behave same functionality as the G-Analytics plus the additional features. Its additional feature comprised of snoop that works as a desktop program. This software allows you to receive notifications of all the activities on your site, real time page analysis and location of your visitors. It allows faster loading through CDN code and a referral tracking system as well.


Kissmetrics – This software has the 14 days free trial and after that it will costs you $150 per month. So, this is a little bit expensive resource but provides detailed look at the site visitor’s actions and at initial level, you will get 500,000 events which means 500,000 actions taken during a visitor’s visit. It possesses different features like setup help, unlimited funnel, cohort, and retention reports, and unlimited customer profiles and group contact lists, unlimited A/B Split Tests, unlimited Sandboxes, no-limit conversion periods, real time data debugger, multi and cross platform or device support, data export and email support.

foxmetrics  Foxmetrics – This alternative option is available at quite reasonable prices, you get the free  trial and later you will upgrade it with $20 cost which allots you with 100,000 requests, email  support and a lot more. You can also go with the basic analytics tool in order to understand  the whole concept.

mint analyticsMint This software is the simple substitute to G-Analytics because you require no effort to setting up and the report generation is so easier with this. You will just have to pay $30 fee per site for licensing and no annual or monthly charges associated with this. This tool allows you to get unique viewers, returning viewers, referral website, page view, information, filtering base on search terms.

Open Web AnalyticsOpen Web Analytics – This is an open source alternative to G-Analytics and this is absolutely free along with no logging limits. You can track site usage statistics, events, and conversion statistics with open web analytics.

clickyClicky– This is an easy to use software tool and you can upgrade to get additional features by paying the cost associated with it. In the free trial account, you get features like search, referral tracking and in premium account you avail heatmaps, uptime monitoring, download tracking, engagement reports and data export features.

MixpanelMixpanel This software offers analytics along with management services. Website owners are turning towards management control services so that they can build more customer base and accordingly increase conversion rate. The software is endows with data segmentation process and it is considered to be one of the finest features of this software.

You can use above listed best alternative option to G-Analytics that provide the same functionality plus some additional features that tracks more information about your website and visitors.



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