All Set to Role Indian Market is the world’s largest online retailer website has started its India specific website ( which is designed as an ecommerce website that facilitates transaction between buyers and sellers. The model which has created for the marketplace available online at helps Amazon overcome Indian regulatory impediments that also prevents foreign online retailers by having fully powered Indian arm selling directly in India. Country manager Amit Agarwal has said that the model ( adopted by Amazon is fully amenable with all related Indian laws.

Point of differences:

  • As has acquired the entry in ecommerce division which is completely controlled by Indian laws and authorities so there is no interruption of foreign rules and regulation in the payment activities and other concerns. About 130 million internet users in India, has the world’s broad opportunity to become largest online retailer.

  • which is based on U.S. offers both Amazon owned goods as well as third party products but according to the sources, current model does not own any of the merchandise that is sold through the website but it acts like an aggregator to all the retailers who want to put their products on the website.    

Overview about includes 7 millions of book titles available for purchase and approx 13, 000 movie titles and the online retailer’s plans to enhance the model in to different categories like mobile, cameras and other genre of accessories proximity to future.  “” comprised of the vision proclamation that model is designed to provide trusted and meaningful sales channel to retailer across the India, help them to grow their business online. Amazon has been engaging with government of India to relax the conventions against foreign ecommerce companies and allow foreign direct investment online in online retail. In spite of retailers selling their products on the website, Amazon India has an amazing option in which proffers end to end logistics solutions to retailers that require availing of the services.

According to the vice president of international expansion, is the same model which is followed by in different countries where fulfillment is done by Amazon and seller has the right to own the inventory. Amazon started its fulfillment centre at periphery of Mumbai where merchandise inventory will be manage, store and deliver products by using Amazon’s own personnel as well as third party couriers. has possess tough competition from Indian retailers companies like Flipcart, Snapdeal, Homeshop 18 etc as they are also the big giant in online retailer fields., a price comparison portal operated by Amazon sends visitors to the website of seller.  So, it is extremely excited ecommerce venture in the field of online retailers in Indian market.



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