App Store Optimization (ASO): Is It Really the New SEO?

As the mobile apps are growing more popular with the progression of smart phones and tablets in the market so there is a requirement to provide visibility to these applications. In today’s world, as the mobile users are increasing in that way they are more exploring about the new applications. And for that new and latest mobile application, we require the optimization concept which is known as ASO (App Store Optimization).  ASO has become one of the most eminent optimizing apps which provide the same functionality like SEO. Search engine optimization is basically a process used to generate high volume of traffic and high visibility of website on the search engine. To start with ASO, it is required to have the knowledge of SEO as it is similar concept.

We can say that ASO is the new SEO made for mobile applications in which we practicing title, keywords, metadata, description in order to bring rankings and high traffic to mobile application store.

app store optimization

Here are some key points which are quite helpful in App Store Optimization (ASO) –

Things we have to focus upon- As there are about 600,000 iPhone and 450, 000 Android apps in the market so you cannot assume that the app will succeed in the market without optimization. To generate good ranking and increased visibility to apps such as Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps and other apps we have to focus on four things-

  • How to get mobile app at the top page in search result.
  • Evaluate and analyze that how to manage, follow and react to different updates in the app store search algorithms so that we reach to the maximum ranking.
  • Providing high ranking to the keywords and maintaining keyword density.
  • Analyze the audience and research keywords on the search engines.

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Tools and strategy used in ASO- Optimizing an app is just similar as the process of optimizing a website on search engine. According to the optimization process we will need to target on Audience, Keywords and Marketing so that we will increase the rank of apps. Some tools which are used in ASO are-

  • App store optimization keyword volume estimator– With the help of this tool you can easily estimate how often a specific term or phrase is being searched.  This tool is also providing the recommendation about the appropriate keyword for your app through which you can gain the traffic.
  • AppCodes– This tool will help you to find out which keyword is your competitor company is using. Consequently, helps you to provide suitable keyword for your own app.
  • Flurry– This is a mobile analytics tool that helps developers to track usage pattern of those users that have downloaded the particular app.

No doubt, it is going to be the new SEO because ASO will emerge with boom in SEO field to bring the applications rank at the top on search result pages.



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