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We are all now surrounds with the Android smartphones and its fever is spreading due to its high tech based apps. Over the past year journey of Android platform, several of new Android apps came in the market and gone off. As there are thousands of apps available on the internet but it’s a critical problem to know which app are good or which aren’t. Don’t worry about this trouble; here is the solution as we are listing the best app in this blog that make your gadget more fascinating and alluring.

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  • DuoLingo App – This is a special kind of app that enhances your language list and allows you to become fluent in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or Italian languages. DuoLingo is absolutely free app and you never have to pay any hidden charges for upgrade. This app offers the bit-size lessons through which you can easily learn and will be able to speak in foreign tongue.

  • Evernote App– Around 50 million users, Evernote is an amazing note taking app and has everything you want from organizing information from notebooks to sharing them with others. Android users are endows with automated transcription service that will turn speech into text. It’s Free service includes 60 MB per month and you can download this from Google Play Store.
  • Valet Car Locator for Android– This is a wonderful App that resolves your car parking problem from your vacations or holiday. This Clever Valet resembles the car parked area and will keep track parking meter timers for you.
  • Out of Milk for Android – Quite astonishing app that elaborates the shopping list endows with the smart feature. This app properly manages your store so that you know what ingredients you have at home at any time. And allowing you to do your shopping with superior level of efficiency. You can even share the shopping list with house members to make sure that no-one double buys milk.
  • JuiceDefender– You must have this amazing app because it allows you to get better battery life from their Android device. This app is available in three versions one is free and other two are premium.
  • Business Calendral – This app is special designed for the business purpose, provides you an interactive calendar through which you can drag and drop appointment and prepare schedule via widgets.
  • SwiftKey3 Keyboard – This is one of the most perceptive app that offer keyboards on your smartphones. You can use extra-ordinary predictive text through the split keyboard feature. This app also supports landscape mode.
  • Splashtop Remote Desktop HD – Most of the time, you need your laptop to access important files after you left the office. This app make you access your computer from everywhere through internet connection. It shows the entire computer screen rather than shrunk-down or partial version.

Above listed apps have endows all the categories that you smartphone needs and make you update with the latest trends.



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