Block a Phone Number from Calling Your Android Phone

Are you suffering from the cold talks of telemarketers or any other person which annoying you and you don’t want to hear again them? Don’t worry about this panic as we have the ways to block those unwanted calls on your android device. There are the two ways, you can perform blocking without using an app or you can use the call blocking Android apps. First consider the simple procedure to block calls on your Android device-

Integrated phone number blocking option– The methods for doing blocking is differ according to the specific devices or versions of Android. Some manufacturers add this blocking option feature to their custom skins for example- Samsung has endows with this option. Now, you can follow the step by step instructions to block unwanted calls and I think it should trick on any android phone.

Go to the phone, tap the Menu button and navigate to Call settings, after that it shows the call rejection option go ahead in call rejection and do Auto reject list. Subsequently, you can check the unknown option to automatically reject all calls from unknown numbers or you can tap the create button and add individual phone numbers that you want to block. You can also reject calls with a text message through simple Reject call with message option. When a call comes you can reject it with the text message you want to send.  Here is a way- Go to the phone> Menu> Call settings> set reject messages.  One more thing you can do, if you want to send callers straight to voicemail on stock Android then, you can go to the contact in question and press Menu > Options and then check Incoming calls.

Google voice to block calls– Google voice supports spam filters and equipped with a database of known spam numbers which can be automatically blocked. Google voice offers a solution from which you can completely block the caller instead of sending them to voicemail.

Now, go to the contacts in Google voice, tick the checkbox of the phone number which you want to block and select Edit Google voice Settings> When this contact calls you and after that choose sent to voice mail. Then it will block the caller, to turn on the automatic spam filter go to Voice Settings> Call and mark Global Spam Filtering.

Another way: Android apps to block call- If above listed options doesn’t suits you then you can use the android apps like-

  • Mr Number Text, Call & Block– This Android app is absolutely free with free messaging between members and real time updates on when your message have been read. With this app, you can block specific numbers or area codes.
  • Call Control- Call blocker– This is another amazing app with a big list of user submitted span numbers that you can automatically block. This app has tied up with FCC Do not call registry.

There is more Android app that offers blocking number feature and you can avail the apps on your device and use it for blocking.



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