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Providing customer satisfaction is one goal every businessman must achieve in order for their business to strive and flourish. For site owners, this is quite a hard task since they can’t meet up with their clients personally and thus, they won’t have any idea what these people have in mind about their products. Their clients might have concerns or questions, and being supplied with a contact form saying they’ll be contacted a day to a week later won’t do the site any good – they might even lose interest in tending their products. As such, it is important that one puts up a tool that can provide a more direct way of communicating with the people visiting the site – most preferably a chatting tool.

Features Chatwing Chat Software

Chatting not only makes communicating with the site viewers on real time possible it’s also one of the best ways to make a site more interactive. Thus, it’s really a great idea to put in a live chat feature that viewers can easily notice and use.  Chatwing is one such widget that delivers the best chatting experience for large volumes of people all at once and more. Here’s an overview as to how its other features can help a site be a better place for its owners and their readers.

Chatwing ChatA single Chatwing chatroom can tolerate large amounts of traffic inside it and still remain stable. It can accommodate roughly 7000 people at one time, making one of the most suitable chat widgets for sites that tender large volumes of web traffic everyday. That large holding capacity makes sure each and everyone of those readers have a spot inside the chatroom.

Customizing the chat app also gives the site more visual impact and it makes the viewers notice it much more. This feature is one of the discerning factors that separate Chatwing from the others. It’s because this chatting tool can be modified in a very detailed manner that the resulting chatroom would look nowhere near from when it was before. The vast options to choose from and the capability too add-in personal touches with ease can make a unique chatroom that will suit the user’s preferences.

Chawting’s logging system is integrated with social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo – the chatters will only need to log-in by using one of their accounts from those sites. This makes joining in the conversation much easier and simpler and avoids the hassle of registering an account to be able to chat. Aside from those, they can also use a Chatwing account or they can sign in anonymously by using a temporary alias with the Guest option.

Providing security is also one of Chatwing’s nifty features. The user, as the Admin, can easily kick people out of the chat software and delete their messages at the same time. This is incredibly useful in managing the site to keep it away from spammers and other offenders. With it, chatters are able to start a conversation in a safe atmosphere, wherein information shared is truly credible since the chatroom is managed by the user.

Assigning moderators is another good thing about Chatwing. The user can give them rights to ban other people too, so they can help in managing the chatroom in his stead. And by setting up the word filter, the chatroom is sure to prevent any profanity from being used.

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 Networking also maximizes the chatting tool’s ability to gather traffic as it syncs the chatroom with the others that also joined a particular Network channel. By doing so, the user will be able to chat with people from the other sites without having to browse through it and vice-versa. Meaning, the conversation the user is having with his chatters will also be visible from the other sites. The user can freely talk about his site on chat and invite people over by making them join the lively conversation between him and his chatters.

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 The only drawback in using the Network feature is that the user can exercise his Admin rights – it goes to a Chatwing personnel overlooking the particular Network Channel. Though the Admin control is an important part of the chatting software, it doesn’t mean the user has lost all control over the chatroom. He can always file a request to make him a moderator in the Network Channel so he can also manage the chatroom. If granted, not only will the user have a very large web traffic range, he can also provide security to it too.

The chatting capabilities Chatwing gives to site is already great even if it’s working solo. But by utilizing its features, it can easily augment its efficiency and will easily provide the best chatting experience for the user and his chatters. People chatting inside are sure to enjoy it as it provides a safe and enjoyable chatting environment for them and that can have a great impact in a site’s reputation as it can be one of the reasons for them to come back next time.

Providing the client’s needs and requests swiftly is only possible by setting up a chatting tool in the site. And with Chatwing, that feat can be achieved easily in mere seconds. It’s because this tool set-ups after the user copies the chatroom’s codes and pastes it into his site – the whole process takes less than a minute to do. For a chatting tool to be this good with many features to back it up, Chatwing is actually very affordable – it’s totally free. If a nutshell, it’s one of those tools that will surely make a site simply better.



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