Common Mistakes Which Makes You Dumb on Social Media

Social media is one of the optimum platforms where your online business gets the huge success despite of TV and print advertising. Social networking sites become the part of our lives because they play vital role in online advertising. As most of the people engaged on social media websites so this is the appropriate platform to advertise products rather than going elsewhere.

Social media importance in online marketing and promotion

  • Social networking giants like Facebook have more than one billion of active users and Twitter has 750 million users.
  • You can get free traffic to your blog.
  • The best way to promote your brand and connect to audience.

Social Media Mistake

Use of the social media provides best SERP (Search Engine Result page) to your website through search engine crawling.  But, sometime mistakes would be happen while doing advertising that results in failure and makes you dumb on social media.

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Here, you can see the common mistakes which caused you dumb on social sites:

Not showing your personality and transparency: To target the audience on social networking platforms, you should be authentic and just show your personality.  I don’t know why people hide the reality picture as audience needs the authentic user so that they could believe on reality. And when comes to transparency, be a single moderator who promote their content without any partner approval.

Lack of the objectives in your page: From the objective less perspective, you may lose social advertising and general audience. Just plan the strategies before you start the social campaign because goals are first determined. Target the audience according to the planned strategies and strive to achieve them.

Stave off engagement with audience or fans: This is also a big reason of failure so try to improve this avoidance. Engage your audience by asking contesting questions and reply them by commenting and update useful content according to the audience needs. It will definitely enhance the way of online marketing and online presence.

Taking part in mass selling: Mostly people lose their trust and loyalty with the target audience by doing access of selling advertisement or posts.  They just spam their Facebook and Twitter pages with links that are not valuable for audience. Try to overcome this habit and post only useful things to your pages.

Incomplete profile section: One of the manor mistakes can cause big harm; yes the incomplete profile section causes the bad impact on your audience. First complete your profile section as it is being firstly viewed by the target audience before hitting like to your page. Add the brief description about yourself, little bit about professional and interests.

Lack of the patience: To grab the audience, you have to make the patience as social-media marketing is the long-term approach.  You have to wait for 4-6 months to create good follower lists in your blog and approach them by spending quality time in social sites.

Not using advanced tools and applications: As you long time remain away from your social page, you will lose the clientele list that you have created. So, be active always with the latest applications and tools that facilitate social media services while you are on vacation or elsewhere.

The mistakes listed above are the major cause of getting failure on your social media pages and makes you dumb as well.



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