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Blackberry is a widely popular brand in the market because it provides professional handset with qwerty keypad which is more convenient for use. However, other phone makers such as Samsung and HTC have eschewed buttons in favor of increasingly large touch screen handsets. But the Blackberry set its handsets range apart from other devices and acquired the eminent features because it believes that there’s still a demand for such devices. To keep this consideration in mind of users, Blackberry has released two stunning Blackberry Q10 and BlackberryQ5 handsets in this year. Blackberry Q 10 is the top-end device while the Q5 handset is the mid-range device. So, let’s see the comparison among the most expensive device and the cheap end device, which one is more preferable handsets by users.

blackberry-q10 vs blackberry-q5

Difference on the basis of Design

Blackberry Q10 possesses the premium design with stunning unique glass weave back plate and stainless steel touches that provides the luxurious look and feel. While on other hand, Blackberry Q5 does not provide that kind of lavish look because it lacks with back plate. Blackberry Q5 handset provides you the sturdy look and feels because of its plastic cover.

  • Another point of difference is the ease and convenience to hold the gadget in hand, Blackberry Q5 has the perfect body structure so you can feel the pleasant comfort in holding as it acquired the body dimensions of 120x66x10.8mm which is slightly compact than Blackberry Q10 that has the dimension 119.6×66.8×10.4mm and little bit thinner. Blackberry Q5 has the body weight of 120g which is bit lighter than BlackBerry Q10 that acquired 139g weight.

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  • When we compare the keypad of two handsets, Blackberry Q10 offers the better keyboard allowing faster, more fluid typing experience but the Q5 keypad suffers with lower cost.

Difference on the basis of display screen

BlackBerry Q10 has 3.1inch 720×720 pixels Amoled touch screen while BlackBerry Q5 has 3.1inch 720×720 pixels IPS LCD screen. As the Blackberry Q10 is quite costly device so it possesses amazing colour and vibrancy while Q5 lacks this feature due to the cheap price.

Performance and technical comparison

In spite of the differences in the prices, BlackBerry Q10 features a dual-core 1.5GHz processor with 2GB of RAM, while the Blackberry Q5 has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor that is also backed up by 2GB of RAM.

Camera based comparison

Blackberry Q 10 has 8 mega pixels rear-facing camera those found in iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of performance and image quality, with photos taken in decent lighting looking full of color and detail, but the BlackBerry Q5’s camera struggles to compete.

Both handsets BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5 boast up with impressive battery life- Blackberry Q10 features a 2,100mAh battery while BlackBerry Q5, in comparison, features a beefier 2,180mAh battery.

Although, having compared the two handsets, we found they are fairly evenly matched, raising the question as to whether the BlackBerry Q10 is worth the extra $200. If you are looking for premium device then Blackberry Q10 is the superior one while if you need the mid range phone then BlackBerry Q5 is best for you.



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