How to Create Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign

For getting more traffic and conversion from Facebook a fan page one must have enough number of facebook fan so that your post can get maximum number of people reach. Most of the time, being a new fan page it becomes very difficult to reach targeted people because of less likes. So it is recommended to try Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign to increase page likes of targeted audience. It doesn’t require any expertise or heavy budget. You can do it by yourself in limited budget. Here is the step by step guide to implement Facebook Page Like Ad Campaign. Try your hand now:

Step 1) Log into your personal Facebook account to start with Facebook ads. Now go to the setting tab on the right side top corner as shown in image below.


Step 2) Click on Create an Ads.

New screen will popup in which you will be getting options to select which ad you want to create. Click on page like the second option as shown in figure


Step 3) Select the page for which you want to get likes. upload the image that you want to show with the ads.




Step 4) Now create the ad text, headline consist of 25 characters and second line i.e the description line consist of 90 characters.


We can show ads on two different placements

i) News Feeds

These ads are generally shown on wall post of users account

see image below :-


ii) Right Column

These ads are generally shown on Right Side of users accounts

see image below :-

Fb Right Side Ads

Step 5) Now we have to create the audience depending upon the Location, age, interest, language and many more

Chose the age limit which we have to target and the gender, interest category is the main thing on which we have to select depending upon for what page we want to get likes. Facebook can help us in targeting people based on their interests by looking as such pages they have already liked interest or activities.

Broad category we can use this targeting to reach groups of people who share similar interest and traits, such as activities related to “events”. these information are pulled from what people have included in their personal timeline and will help you to reach your ideal audiences

In connections we should make sure that we should show our ads to those people that are not connected to the page we are promoting as if we start showing the ads to those who are already connected to the page then we will end up in burning money.

I would request you to leave “Friends of Connections” blank unless you want to narrow down the audience.


Step 6) As we have created new campaign we can right what ever name we want and the daily budget what we are willing to spent . We can also put an end date for the campaign.


Step 7) The most important part is bidding , as we have two option CPC i.e. cost per click and CPM i.e. cost per impression we can use any one of then to get our campaigns live but what I feel is that one should use CPC bidding for liker campaigns.



Now after that we can place order and after some time the ads get approved and it will be live on Facebook.



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