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California, the famous U.S. State which constitutes Hollywood, Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Alcatraz, Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge has many visitors and tourists throughout the year. It is known for high cost of living, is among the most populous U.S. State and third-largest State in United States. The population of the state is over 39.5 million. With such high population, the vehicles on the road are seemingly very high and hence have a Department of Motor Vehicle to take care of the needs of Vehicles and Licenses.

California DMV offers various services like applying for the Driver’s License, renewal of the License, getting Title for the Vehicle and Vehicle Registration, Renewing the Vehicle Registration, various other online services. Let us follow the article to know more about these services.

What are the online services offered by California DMV?

There a number of services that is offered online in California DMV. Below mentioned are the services that you can complete online.

  • Renew your Vehicle Registration
  • Request your Driver’s Record
  • Request your Vehicle Record
  • Renew your Driver’s License or ID Card
  • File for Planned Non-Operation
  • Request Replacement Sticker or Registration Card
  • Request a Replacement Driver’s License
  • Pay $14 Reinstatement fee for Suspended Registration
  • Complete a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability
  • Find a Traffic School
  • Add/Remove Affidavit of Non-Use
  • Order Special Interest or Personalized Plates
  • Change your Address
  • Calculate Estimates of Vehicle Registration/Licensing Fee
  • Requesting a Refund
  • Driver License Application Form
  • Renew a Motor Carrier Permit
  • Look up an Active Motor Carrier Permit Holder
  • Search Occupational Licensing Status

Services you can start online are as follows.

  • Replacement License Plates
  • Dishonored Check Payment
  • Renew your Vehicle Registration (Complex)
  • Submit a Medical Exam Report
  • Request Duplicate Title
  • Transfer a Title
  • Partial Year Registration (PYR)
  • Apply for a Vehicle Salesperson License
  • Commercial Driver’s License Renewal
  • Order a replacement or new Disabled Person Parking Placard
  • Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California

How do you apply for Driver’s License in California DMV?

You need to follow certain steps in order to apply for Driver’s License in California DMV.

  • Create a DMV account
  • Start application here 
  • Select Language
  • Select your choice ID or Driver License OR Commercial Driver License
  • Follow the terms and conditions and agree to them
  • Login to the DMV account 
  • Fill the application online completely
  • Schedule an appointment with your local DMV
  • Provide all the documents required for the License
  • Provide your Fingerprints and get your picture clicked
  • Pay the License fee of $37
  • Take the Vision Exam
  • Pass the Written Test
  • Get your License or Permit
  • Pass the Driving Test
  • Retake the Test if failed in $7.

What are the documents required for Driver’s License in California DMV?

The below mentioned are some of the essential documents required for the California DMV.

  1. Social Security Number or Military ID Number
  2. Proof of your full name
  3. Proof of Birth
  4. Proof of Legal Presence
  5. Two documents for proof of Californian residency
  6. License Fee

How do you apply for Vehicle Registration and its Renewal in California DMV and

What are the necessary documents required for the same?

There are some documents that need to be submitted in order to apply for Vehicle Registration. These are as follows:

To register your vehicle you need to fill the form and submit it to the DMV field office along with the above-given documents. You can search field offices here. 

What is the fee for the Registration of a Vehicle in California?

Fee TypeFee Amount
License Plates$23
Registration Card$23
Investigation Service$15
Lien Sale Authorization$5
Non-Resident reregistration$23
Non Repairable Vehicle Certificate$23
Ownership Responsibility Citation$7
Partial Year Registration$23
Smog Abatement$20
Smog Transfer$8
Zero Emission Vehicle Parking Sticker$17

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the fee of Rush Title in California DMV?

Rush Title amounts to $15 in California DMV.

  • Is Smog Inspection required for every vehicle?

No, Smog Inspection are not required for Diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 14,000 pounds; Electric-powered vehicles; Natural gas-powered vehicles; Motorcycles; Trailers; Special equipment such as construction or farm vehicles; Off-Highway Vehicles.

  • How long you can drive with expired tags in California?

You can drive for 6 months. Continuing driving over 6 months, your vehicle can be impounded under California Vehicle Code 22651(0)(1)

  • How do I check the status of Vehicle Registration in California?

You can contact at (800) 777-0133 and check your car registration status. For more questions regarding Registration you can visit 

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