Encrypt your Gmail Messages with Google Docs

Are your messages or emails secured? Are you worried that someone else is reading your Emails? Now, you don’t need to be worried anymore because you can encrypt your Gmail Emails with the powerful AES encryption algorithm and secure private and eminent messages. Although, there are other ways to protect your emails from unauthenticated user includes browser extensions like Chrome supports. But, in this blog we discuss about the privacy on your Gmail messages with simple Google Docs encryption method that works on every browser and requires no add-on apps.

One of the main benefits of encryption method is that only recipient has the authentication to see the message that was sent by authenticated user. Google Docs based solution encrypts and decrypts your message through AES standard algorithm which is implemented in Google Apps Script using SJCL (JavaScript library for cryptography developed at Stanford).

Now, you can see how to encrypt Gmail messages by using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)-

Sender’s side: Encrypt the message before sending to the recipient

  • Open your Gmail account and compose a new Email and put recipient email address in the “To” field, add subject (no need to be encrypted) and after that place the message in email body. Do not click the send button reside the mail in your drafts folder.
  •  Click here to make a copy of ‘Encrypt Gmail’ sheet in your Google Drive.
  • Choose Gmail then initialize and allow the sheet to access your Gmail account.
  • Pick your Gmail draft from drop-down list, enter a password and then send.

After these specific steps, the Google sheet will now encrypt your email message with AES algorithm and your message gets delivered to recipient only through Gmail account.

Receiver side: Decrypt the encrypted Gmail message-

  • Open the encrypted email and select the email body of that message and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Go to the Decrypt by going to this http://ctrlq.org/decrypt/ URL and then enter the secret key or password which sender has provided to you via phone call or any other mode, and then paste the encrypted message.
  • Click the decrypt button to see the original message.

With above listed methods of encryption and decryption, you can protect your email or messages from malicious users.  One of the main advantages of encrypting email with Google Docs is that only recipient can see the encrypted message.

Note: When you write draft message inside Gmail then it is automatically stored on Google’s server. If you didn’t like to place the message on server you can write the message outside Gmail and encrypt it offline.

 Google Docs provides the simple way to encrypt the message on any browser platform without using any extra add-ons and apps.

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