Fix a Crashed Hard Disk or Recover Data

Envision the scenario that you are busy working with your computer and then you require some important data from your hard disk. Then, simply you connect it from your system and try to get what you want to access and what you have seen that you are unable to find anything which means something gone wrong and in technical terms your hard disk crashed.

There are multiple tools and techniques through which you can recover data from the hard drive-

Attach crashed drive with other computer

First step you have to follow is that check the crashed drive in the other system with the help of USB to IDE/SATA adapter for connection. If you don’t have this option then you can easily simply connect the drive to other system internally as a secondary hard drive.

Attempt to copy data another drive

After successfully establishing the connection; you can try to copy the entire user data off from the drive that you want to recover as this is the only chance when you are capable of browsing hard disk data.

Allow data recovery software

If you are not able to recover the data from hard disk manually then you can use the other software tools for recovering data.

Hard Drive Recovery Tools

Hard drive recovery tools comprised of several tools and applications that are highly beneficial in recovering data from the hard disk

  • Recuva– This is a free data recovery tool from Piriform and this is the most preferable recovery tool.  Recuva has the ‘enable deep scan’ feature through which you scan the formatted hard disk to recover the files. This software tools deeply scans the hard drive by specifying the file type of file, location of that file and then enable the scan to recover the particular file.
  • Recovery via PC inspector file– When you are unable to recover the data with recuva then you can do with help of PC inspector file recovery tool application. You first launch the PC inspector recovery tool then select the language after that it shows the result that possess the three options – (a)Recover deleted files(b)Recover deleted files(c)find the lost drive.
  • Hiren’s Bootable CD– With the help of this recovery tool i.e. boot-table CD which allows you to boot in to the slimmed down version of windows called as mini XP and run diagnostic utilities on the problematic computer system. Hiren’s CD is come along with the recuva feature and is quite useful for recovering data.
  • Get data back– If all of the above recovery does not working then go with the get data back utility software. This tool is available in two different versions like NTFS file system and other one is FAT file system. You can sold any one among them and try to recover data.

Apart from these recovery tools you can also use Mac hard drive recovery tool and Disk drill which are specially designed and developed for Mac OS X with latest features.



2 Comments on “Fix a Crashed Hard Disk or Recover Data

  1. Just FYI, If the drive is physically crashed, data recovery software would provide no help. Though, if drive is listed during system booting or can be seen in device manager, that means the drive is logically damaged and using data recovery software could salvage data from the same.

    None of the software’s I’ve tried so far, instead I’d recommend to use Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery which successfully finds any or all the drive currently listed on your system and helps user to salvage data from the same. RAW Recovery options is the most atoning feature which often performs recovery on severely damaged hard drive.

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