Fix Program Compatibility Issues in Windows 8

Have you ever trouble with this compatibility issue in Windows 8 operating platform? If yes, then draw sparse attention in this blog because here you can get the solution of this compatibility issue. First understand the term program compatibility, what exactly meaning of this term in Windows 8 –

Term Program compatibility– Program compatibility is a basic mode through which you can run programs for earlier versions of Windows. Most of the programs written for Windows7 also work well in Windows 8 OS but some older version programs might cause the problem in running on Windows 8 platform.

If you ever suffer from the problem like an older program doesn’t run correctly then you should first run the Program Compatibility troubleshooter. This troubleshooter automatically detects and fixes common issues and preventing the older program versions from installing or running correctly in accordance.

Here are the two ways to get rid off from this program compatibility issues in Windows 8 operating system-

By the use of Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) – Most of the times, you try to install a program but you receive an error. And after that a Program Compatibility Assistant Windows pops up with a message that the program didn’t install correctly. So, you can overcome this issue with PCA by following some set of regulations-

  • Re-install the program by using compatibility settings (recommended option), after that PCA will apply the recommended settings.
  • In the next step, restart the set up program and wait till the setup compete successfully.
  • Once the setup completes the process on PCA, it will save entire settings and every time you run the program it will use those settings.

Manual way to overcome this trouble- If you are aware about the compatibility mode that your program needs to run upon, then you can add it and apply manually-

  • First go to the program or app icon and then select it, just right click on it and choose properties option.
  • In the property dialog box, select the Compatibility tab.
  • After that, you select the compatibility mode option and check the box which demonstrates “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
  • Then in succession, choose the version of Windows and then click OK button.

Noteworthy Warning:  Avoid Program compatibility troubleshooter on anti-virus program, firewall software, back-up software or disk utilities which are not designed for Windows8 platform. This might cause data loss or create security threats.

Apart from these two different ways, if you are in any confusion relevant to the compatibility of the device or program you are going to purchase for Windows8 platform so you can check out the details at Windows compatibility center where all the support available regarding any issue.



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