Forget Penguine/Panda Updates Here’s How to Write a Post That Goes Viral

“You don’t have to write in order to get the attention of Google algorithms,” a tweet shared by someone on Twitter. It is true that content plays and important role in SEO which is very necessary to drive traffic. There are numbers of websites who perfectly depends upon SEO and hire high profile writers to drive content.


Apart from content optimization there are various other ways through which you can drive much more traffic. It has been seen that people drive 40% of their traffic from social media websites. But no more SEO now, you can apply few strategies to write good content. There are few tips given below which helps you to write viral content, have a look:


To write viral and worthy content you have to very careful. It is not an easy task to write a good content. For that you have to take care of few techniques like a great headline. Headline is something which attracts reader so it should be vary catchy. Your headline must be clear and scan able. To exist in this competitive market your headline should be unique. Before writing headlines make sure that it describes your article clearly and noticeably. If you want that readers will read your article at the time they visit then use “Why” headlines or any questionable headline.

Controversial Content

It is not always good to write SEO content. You can also attract readers by writing catchy content without using SEO content optimisation strategies. Controversy is something which is really adored by people. People love to be a part of controversy or anything debatable. So to drive more traffic always writes controversial content.

Hot Niche

If your blog niche is according to the interest of readers then you can grab much more traffic. Do a survey and check out that what is hot on Google nowadays? So write content on trendy and hot topic.

Rewrite Headline

If you are not able to write a good headline still after using given headline strategies then you should hire a trained professional write who rewrite your article headline.

These are few ways through which you can write worthy content without using SEO techniques. It does not mean that SEO is dead. It is still alive!



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