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You Tube is the big source and one of the most crucial bludgeon in the eCommerce marketing armory that helps to enhance the marketing and campaign of the online business. As we all know, Google is largest search engine in the world but when we talk about the videos You Tube is at the apex level. And this is most appropriate platform to promote your products and services for better performance in the online market place. Every eCommerce website retailers use videos of their products under the marketing strategy part to promote the service and they should know analytics to track their You Tube campaigns performance. To focus on the market strategies first you have go through analysis of your videos which are running on the You Tube, once you got the idea from there, you will be able to develop the new plans and methods for increasing sales.

youtube views analytics

Some techniques which are quite useful to provide more views on your videos-

Keep track user views

With the help of You Tube analytics panel you can observe the graph which clearly illustrates the total vies on your videos since your publication date. In spite of that there is also an amazing feature to compare the views between multiple videos within your channel so that you can easily assess which sort of videos attract more views for getting higher promotion.

Reach to the traffic source

In this technique, you have to figure out the source traffic like where your viewers coming from. In the analytics panel, there is an option of ‘Traffic sources’ page which comprised of the graph displaying various sources of traffic.

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Analyze Demographics

Demographics are the cavernous analysis method under the You Tube analytics which provides you the visual representation through Pi charts and graphs. Subsequently provides the analysis report of the target people who watched the product videos.

Discover geographical surroundings

This process demonstrates the views that are coming from the whole world. And it is extremely important for the ecommerce website to search the location of potential customers.  As this will provide you the great interest and experience that you have get the viewers across the world.

Examine Playback Locations and Audience retention

This is very important factor that how is your audience searching your video either they use You Tube or any other external source. The playback location page displays the segmented depiction of your total views, based on the playback location. In this your views are divided among different section that helps to determine location of viewers. Audio retention page give you the exact times of your videos when people stopped watching it. This will provide you the remedies of the product videos and you can improve it by following best strategies.

Monitor Subscription Rate

Regularly monitor the fluctuations of your subscriber base as this will allow you to recognize the overall reach of your You Tube content as a whole.

Apart from the above listed methods, Sharing your videos on the social network media will give you the fair response concerning to your product or services. Social share and respond are extremely essential for marketing as you can get the ideas about the product feedback from the people likes, dislikes and comments.



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