Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) USE Features Benefits

Why use Gmail Sponsored Promotions ?

The Gmail platform has been evolving, and Gmail advertising options are no exception. The ongoing Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) beta was rolled out in early 2013, introducing new targeting and display options for advertisers. Previously, we can target audience on Gmail through managed placements.

With GSP, Gmail advertising targeting became much more advanced. Aside from your normal display targeting options via the AdWords interface (age, demographic, keywords), you can now target by more options including email address, subject line, job title and product category. The catch? A very high spend requirement, without guaranteed results.








Key Benefits of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

1) Optimum delivery Show ads only 10x per user within a 30-day period until they open or dismiss it.

2) Cost-efficient pricing Pay once per user per campaign with our cost per click pricing.

3) Effective formats See an open rate of up to 3.5% on average.

4) Better performance See at-par, if not better, performance compared to other display placements.


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Why are Gmail Sponsored Promotions so effective ?

It is effective beacause it reach users while they are checking their personal email.

1) INNOVATIVE :- Take advantage of this high-impact ad format tailored to Gmail

2) SMART :- Target actual users rather than cookies

3) INSIGHTFUL :- Maximize optimization opportunities using reports based on user interaction data

4) REACH:- Engage with customers across all devices

NOTE :- Gmail Sponsored Promotions average 20% higher CTR over regular text ads within Gmail 

Advantage of unique creative canvas

Deliver engaging full page ads directly to potential customers’ email inboxes

1) Reach potential customers from multiple placements: both the right hand side of Gmail and in the Promotions inbox

2) Use our HTML and CSS-supported format for simple creative development

3) Make ads engaging with images, content, and lead forms

4) Add video to provide a richer, more immersive experience

5) Extend your creative to mobile with no additional creative work

How Gmail Sponsored Promotions Works in email pane ?

Deliver teaser ad above promotional email


Ads displayed on mobile devices

Reaching customers across devices

1) Gmail Sponsored Promotions also run on Android, iOS, and mobile web

2) Reach consumers wherever they are

3) Deliver high-impact creative, automatically adjusted for mobile devices






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