GreenDust :- A Branded Refurbished Factory For Seconds Products

Green dust is an online shopping hub that offers different kind of unused, branded factory seconds such as Mobile Phones, LCD/LED TVs, digital camera and Home Appliances at cheapest prices. Green Dust is a leading company providing all range of branded products including warranty and special offers. You can buy any products online with sure discounts. Greendust providing you the exclusive online platform   where you can purchase prestigious second hand products at cost savvy prices. We will provide the live chat supports for any kind of query related to our products and money back policy on our branded products. We have tie-ups with multiple popular brands like Dell, Wipro, HP, LG, Samsung, Acer, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, Futurebazzar and Homeshop18. GreenDust believes in full customer satisfaction with its quality rich products.

Green Dust

Challenges to GreenDust

There are several challenges that we have to face while dealing with second hand products as sometime products are returned to us that possess some negligible defects only. Or in many cases, products are returned to the company as they developed minor faults soon after the purchase from company. These products make their way back to the manufacturer and end up suffering in the warehouse.

  • The main challenge is that we would reduce the amount of money that company spent in managing returns and also increase the assets on returns by three or more times. 
  • As we are the refurbished factory second outlets so we have to manage the entire process of returns.
  • In returning product cases, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fault rate with new product is about 4 to 5 percent only which is called as the return rate. This process is comes beneath the reverse logistics where we pick the product which tends to be reusable and if it is a kind of scrap we do not pick up that product.
  • Green dust is not responsible for dents pr scratches as long as they do not affect the functioning of the products.  
  • We have to change the mental thinking of people against the second hand products as they are rejected the product due to some negligible defects.

Green Customer Satisfaction

As it is the great challenge to convince the customers for second hand products because they get bad experience after buying them from places such as Nehru Place or Lamington Road. To overcome this paradigm, we provide an after sale service to our customers so that they never feels bad experience regarding any product. When a customer is not satisfied with the product we proactively either replace the products or return the full price of that product as per the demand of customers. Gaining the interest and satisfaction of consumers is the long duration process in which quality matters most. Warranty and price has become the two most important factors that attract the mind of audience towards the product.  We provide all the facilities to our customer that’s why we mark the presence in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Banglore, Hyderabad and Ahemdabad including fourty franchisee and around thousand dealers.

GreenDust Negative Reviews

Most of the customers have claimed the Green Dust for its products example-

  • Someone purchased the Samsung Star 2 from Green Dust on dated 23-02-13 with six month Samsung Warranty but the problem was that it possess full of scratches on the screen and back. So, the person wants to replace that phone but they had refused and after long time of conversation they replace the phone which was also in that condition and had not provided the warranty card of product.
  • Most of the people claims Greendust site because they delivers scratches products, used products and not delivered the product within desired time.
  • Consider another bad review of LG X330 Mobile-: A customer has purchased LGX330 phone from the site and feel very frustrated as the phone was not delivered with full accessories. The box was torn, the handset was full of scratches and the product manual was missing.



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