How do I fix Windows 8 driver problems?

Several people claims that Windows 8 having driver issues in the similar way like Windows vista had on launch time compared to Windows XP. As you all aware about first-hand experience of any new operating system, start-up problems with previous versions of Windows platform occurred frequently and Microsoft always provide special tools for fixing them.

Windows 8 driver issues

Various manufacturers are not bothering to create certified Windows 8 drivers for their hardware and sometimes Windows7 drivers doesn’t perform the exact task. Many times, windows automatic update does not find the newer driver updates. This happens because Microsoft does not approve those driver configurations. Such kind of issues occurs with older laptops and video drivers because they rely on laptop’s manufacturer to release updates. In other cases, some manufacturers like Sony eventually stop updating their older laptops due to which video drivers stuck within older version limitations. All these paradigms lead to severe graphical troubles when new operating system (Windows8) is installed.

 In this blog, you can see the various solutions to fix your Windows8 driver problems-

  • Check the manufacturer’s website for an update– As we have already discussed that, manufacturer eventually stop supporting older systems, but some of them release special updates for new platforms like Windows 8. So, you will require model number of your PC that is available on machine itself   or you can find it in System Properties (Windows Key+ Pause). Here, you will be asked to select model number on the manufacturer’s website and then you will be able to see latest updates.
  • Install the drivers in compatibility mode– Problems might be aroused when drivers detects Windows 8 on launch and crashes. Drivers cannot be installed properly if platform doesn’t recognize them.  The solution is to make the driver’s compatibility with Windows7. To run a driver in compatibility mode, you need to follow some steps:
  1. Just right click on the driver’s setup icon and then open properties
  2. In compatibility tab, select Run This Program in Compatibility Mode For –
  3. Then choose Windows7 from the drop down menu and click OK.

Try to run driver with this procedure, it may install smoothly in Windows8 platform.

  • Check the hardware website for an update– To get update for drivers, computer system requires you to go through manufacturer to update that but often hardware’s website will have the Windows8 drivers. So, you can see the driver updates from hardware’s website to fix the driver problems. One other option is to try exclusive latest Windows 7 drivers as sometimes they might work.

You can try all the above options to fix your driver problem in Windows8 environment as sometime compatibility defer with drivers.



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