How to Avoid Malware Infected Android Apps ?

Android Phones has become the supreme choice of everyone because of its exclusive applications and features. People are generally attracted towards the apps characteristics of smart phone which allows you to install different kind of apps on your phone and then use it to enjoy the apps functions but make sure that apps you are using on the device not infected from malware. A research shows that Android phones infected with malware or virus grew from 10.8 million in 2011 to 32.8 million in 2012, which depicts that total numbers of infected devices are increases year by year.


Here are some ways through which you can remove malware infected Android Apps and protect your device from harmful effects of malware-

Do not install any infected or pirated Android Apps

Pirated apps are soft focus of malware developers to attack on the device. The people working as cyber criminals developed the clone and insert malicious code in the apps and offers free download on the internet. To install these infected apps, you have to ignore some security features and by doing this they can easily infect your device.

Try to avoid the apps from third party source

Malware can also be inserted from the third party source, as cyber criminals add their malicious android apps on these third party stores. And third party source does not possess any security measures to check the security apps so, in order to avoid malicious apps use trusted source.

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Check the apps permission before installation

If you are using Google play store to install gaming apps then Google always shows apps permission that needs to be run on your devices. Some of the miscellaneous apps shows the permissions to avoid install on your device such as photo editing apps asks the permission to send message etc. So, it is better for you to check the permission before installation.

Track the user review about apps

Always track user review before installing the apps from the Google play store. Reading the user reviews about the particular app which you are about to install, the best way to get the overview and all about the app.

Install Anti-Virus or anti-malware apps

Manage your device with anti-virus and anti-malware apps and install it properly. Anti-virus applications protect your device from malicious attacks or even block the pirated apps to enter into the phone. Avast antivirus is highly recommendable software for android phones and it is freely available on the internet.

These are the key ways to avoid malware infected android apps which are created to harm your mobile devices. So, you must follow all of the above mentioned ways to protect you precious device from the malicious attacks.



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