How to change your wordpress permalink without losing traffic

WordPress is a semantic personal publishing CMS (Content Management System) platform through which you can manage your content dynamically. There are various issues arise while changing the permalink structure in WordPresss based website.

  • If you are migrating from different platform to wordpress and
  • If you already possess different posts in your WordPress blogs with different permalink structure.

And these kinds of issues will impact on the effort of SEO and you have the chances to lose the rank of the website. In both the cases which are discussed above, if you change the permalink structure then you will lose the web traffic of your website. The problem can be solved through 301 redirection of page to old permalinks. Here are the two ways by which you can do this-

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Change permalink structure using Advanced Permalinks Plugin

Wordpress Permalinks

You can explore and get this Advanced permalinks plugin from plugin repository directory. After installation of this plugin, you can activate it and follow the basics steps-

  • Go to the permalink setting page through settings-> Permalinks and copy the text from custom structure field.
  • After that, you would require to click on ‘migration link’ above permalink settings page.
  •  Then, paste the text which you have copied in step 1 and click on ‘add’ button.
  • After that, click the ‘defaults’ link tab to get back to the permalink setting page.
  • Now, change your permalink structure to post name and then save the entire changes.

 Change permalink structure through .htaccess-   If you are the expertise in WordPress, then you can use this method. If you are a beginner then it is not preferable to you as editing .htaccess file required experienced wordpress user while you can use the above method which is the simplest one. Now, come to the point and do follow the basic steps used to change the permalink structure-

  • First open your .htaccess file which is located in your WordPress root directory by using some of the FTP tools.
  • Before doing any kind of activity you must keep a backup of the existing file.
  • After that, paste this code “ RedirectMatch 301 ^/([0-9]{4})/([0-9]{2})/([0-9]{2})/(.*)$$4 “   in .htaccess file.
  • Now, replace “your-domain-name” with your blog’s domain name.
  •  Save the entire changes.

Through these steps you can build a 301 redirection which will automatically redirect the page to your change permalink structure. For example, if you have the permalink structure like and you wish to redirect the link to this page.  Now, whenever anyone visits the link, that person will automatically redirects to new permalink  Once, your redirection works properly, then you will never lose existing web traffic. Otherwise it will take a long a time to re-index the new Url to increase the traffic.



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