How to do stuff with Google Docs

Google docs is one of the cloud computing service offered by internet giant Google, which serves as an online storage technology. Cloud computing is basically an internet based computing service which is responsible for harnessing the resources of several servers to complete the task and store data. This burgeoning technology is shaping up to be the next big trend in the computing industry. With Google Docs you can access your documents and files from anywhere and from any device. There is no need to download and install any kind of software applications to a particular machine to run Google Docs you just connect to the internet and access the documents file from anywhere.

You   can open and edit Office documents, spreadsheets and presentation formats in Google Docs and view pdf files too. So, in this blog you can see how to do stuff with Google Docs-

Google Docs

Recuperate old revisions– Revision history and the entire past details of any document will be revealed through Google Docs. This feature also allows you to edit any version of your document and you can compare the revisions side by side.

Build HTML and CSS stuff– You can create HTML tables with Edit HTML option, use Google Docs WYSIWYG table making tools and then go to “Edit HTML”. Paste the code into any input window that expects HTML. You can do the CSS styling by creating a new document and then highlight it and choose “Heading 3” from the Styles dropdown. Next, go to “Edit > Edit CSS” and enter this code:

h3 { font-size: 200%; font-family: Georgia,”Times New Roman”,Times,serif; }

Click “OK” and the change should be instant. Go to “File > New > New from Template” to investigate more complex CSS examples.

Batch Upload files– To selectively highlight the multiple files you can use the “upload” button and then do CTRL-Click. With SHIFT-Click you can select a continuous list and Google Docs will put them in a queue and upload the lot.

Backup with Google Docs– Users can export multiple documents to a ZIP archive. Mark the files you want to download in Google Docs main view and choose “More Actions > Export”. Here you will see a dialogue prompting you to choose a file conversion type or types. Want to back-up everything? Tick the box marked “Export all your files”.

Synchronize documents– Syncplicty is a kind of backup tool that enables you to connect your Google Docs account with a designated folder, which in turn can be synchronised with a folders on your computer. To add new files to Google Docs, you just drag them to the synchronised folder and Sign up and select “Apps” in “My Syncplicity”, then “Google Docs” to configure the tool.

Publish to your blog– With ‘share> Publish as Webpage’ in any document and then click ‘set your blog settings’ to enter login details and now you will be able to publish the blog on Blogger, LiveJournal, SquareSpace etc.

Google Docs has the file limit size up to 500k and includes embedded images of 2 MB and there is a combined limit of 5,000 documents. So, this is an amazing online tool which allows you to access any documents from anywhere.



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