How to Drive Traffic using Pinterest

When we talk about the online marketing and web traffic lead, then social media comes in to the mind as they are the key source which provides web traffic to the website. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest is also a social media network that helps to gain the web traffic to your website on the search engine. The user base of Pinterest has grown progressively as there are more than 30 millions of active users now. Pinterest is counted among the most top web traffic oriented social network like Google+, Reddit, Youtube and LinkedIn. So, in this blog we see how to promote the brand and products of your website. As the website becomes friendly with keywords then you are able to generate the web traffic and thus helping the brands to connect with large number of potential clients on pinterest.


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  • Verify your pinterest account– The extremely first step is to verify your account on Pinterest as this is quite useful to attract your pinterest visitors on your website. Apart from that you can get the extra benefit to access the Pinterest analytics which in turn helps to derive more traffic to your website. Verification makes your website URL more visible on your Pinterest page through the red clickable link which highlights your URL.
  • Use the proper SEO keywords – Pinterest have the option to describe your business i.e. who you are and what kind of products or services you are providing among the audience in 200 characters limit. To describe your business in front of the audience, use the targeted SEO keywords so that they help you to derive the high web traffic.  Search engine index this page and helps you to derive the high rank. Also connect the Pinterest account with Twitter and Facebook so you can share your pins across all social media.
  • Comprise quality rich description about the products or services– To gain the high web traffic, description matters most in the Pinterest social media network.  Make sure that you would add most searched keywords in the description as they are extremely helpful to increase the number of visitors on the website.
  • Naming the images search engine friendly– When you are pinning the images on the Pinterest make sure that the naming would be done SEO friendly so that it can easily indexed on the search engines.
  • Do sharing and commenting– As sharing, following, commenting is the essential part of every social community so always remember to interact and engage with other networks. To derive the traffic, keep regular commenting, repin, like and follow on others pins.

These steps are extremely useful to derive the traffic as the people interaction through website generates the greater interest in your content, build relationship among the audience and hence increase your web traffic.



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