How to Edit PDF Document Online ?

PDF stated as Portable Document Format, is extremely famous format for sharing your important credentials. And this format is quite popular because it supports cross platforms that means one can run pdf file on multiple devices without any changes in formats. PDF files are smaller in size and can be easily opened on various devices with help of free software. Although, the problem comes when it comes to edit as they are basically in read only mode. But they can be edited with help of various tools and software available free on internet.  So, despite of paying Adobe Acrobat for edit you can use certain tools and software for free-


Edit PDF files online

If you want to edit pdf file for changing some part of the text to hide personal information then you can use PDF Escape to edit pdf files. With the help of this application, you will be able to modify text, images and add annotations with the help of custom shapes and arrows.

  • You can even protect your pdf document with password security measure.
  • It allows you to hide text with its white out tool option which is different from deleting.
  • You will need a javacsript enabled web browser to run PDF Escape.


Covert PDF to other formats

This method is quite simple, as it involves converting pdf document into other documents, then edit those document and reconvert edited documents into pdf format. It simply follows PDF-> Word file->PDF strategy and if you edited word document successfully you can use various online pdf converter for instant conversion.  You can use PDF Creator to recreate the PDF file. Open Office allows you to create PDF file from any printable document by use of its export as PDF feature.

With Multivalent Browser, you can perform minimal PDF editing like add annotations and it contains various command line tools which are used for compressing and merging pdf files.

For advanced PDF editing, here are the list of certain web applications and tools-

Fillanypdf- In this web based application; you can upload the pdf document which you want to edit and get that edited PDF, it can also fills the forms online.

PDF Filler– It is also an online web service through which you can edit your PDF file online by just uploading it on the website.

Open Office Draw- This can also serve as an alternative option to Adobe Acrobat, through which you can quickly edit your PDF files. You would require a PDF Import extension and then you can use Open Office Draw to inline edit PDF files. It also allows you to adding and replacing images, replacing default-font family, adding annotations, charts, table with easy interface.

To load PDF Import extension in Open office, follow some steps-

  • open Extension Manager from the Tools Menu
  • Click on Add, select the location of the downloaded extension and have done.

You can use the above listed ways to perform editing on your PDF document and do sharing.



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