How to fix blackberry browser error code 10005 ?

Sometime, Blackberry phone users trouble with error code 10005 while browsing some websites through BB browser. It displays the message – BB Torch:-“Error 10005: requested URL could not be retrieved”.  Most of the Blackberry users face this problem while opening some of the specific websites on the browser. Even though the signal shows full 3G but error continuously remains same 10005.

Consider the issue regarding this error “can’t access websites through Blackberry browser”

blackberry browser error code 10005

A Blackberry user receives Error-10005 on BB, now after receiving error user searches for the error and open the details button provided on the error window, it reports connection refused by the website. This can be taken as the server related problem, might be server refusing to open that website or it is refusing connection from Blackberry Browsers. Further, changing browser identification does not affect the status of the error. Subsequently, one more suggestion implies that inquire the website administrator as to why they are refusing connections form Blackberry mobile users.

One more user stated about this error: User had no problems accessing the company website from which user belongs. But, suddenly get an Error code: 10005. User said that there is nothing wrong with the website but it can’t accessed by browser and one of his friend has a torch    on a different carrier experiencing the same problem. User considered the problem is a RIM related.

Solution to this Error code 10005 –

According to the Blackberry support community forums, Error 10005 is a Blackberry internet browsing service 2 (BIBS2) issue or trouble which arises while opening the website from Blackberry browser. To overcome this critical problem issue you can try this:

  • Go to options, and then open device, after that open advanced system settings which open service book option.
  • In the service book option you delete your Blackberry internet browsing service 2.
  • Restart your Blackberry.

If you delete BIBS2, you will lose your Google search, so you can manually text Google url on your browser and even more, sometimes you can’t download a big file. Don’t worry about this problem as BIBS2 will reappear if you restart you Blackberry device.

 So, you can try this solution if you are getting trouble with Error Code: 10005 in your Blackberry browser. Although you can explore the solution or get the technical support from Blackberry technical support and you can refer Blackberry Support Community Forums.



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