How to Get Rid of Preloaded Apps on Android and iOS

Are you facing problems with preloaded apps on your smartphones? If yes, then you are at right place because here are the ways to get rid all these preloaded apps as they don’t serve any purpose to user. Most of the tablets and smartphpones come up with preloaded apps feature which are not useful for the user but they just congest the functioning of the smartphone. As some of the devices have limited memory so, it becomes a major issue for those phones. Both iPhone and Android based phone user claims for this problem and wanted to uninstall them but apps cannot be easily deleted from your device.

Uninstall Android App

Here are some ways to delete Preloaded and unwanted apps from Android smartphone-

First way– If you have an Android gadget, then you can either block or disable the preloaded apps from your device by following some steps-

  • Go to the phone setting menu
  • Click Apps menu and you will view all the apps which are presently available on your smartphones will then appear on your screen.
  • Now, tap on any regular app which you will frequently use and you can easily find the uninstall option while you do perform same action on preloaded apps only uninstall updates are available instead of uninstall option.
  • Then just do tap on it and uninstall all the updates of selected preloaded apps. After performing successfully, you will view a disable option for blocking apps that you have done.

Second Way– In the second way of removing unwanted apps, if you have rooted your phone earlier then root process in your Android device will perform this action. Through root process you can uninstall or remove preloaded apps completely.

Warning: Root process will cancel your Android phone warranty, so be careful about deleting any particular system app.

Third Way– This way of uninstalling apps is generally complicated than the first one because it requires rooting an Android phone by Android users through terminal. All the Android smartphones are based on Linux OS which uses terminal just similar to Command Prompt in windows. So, you can download Terminal Emulator from the Play Store to uninstall the preloaded apps and follow some steps-

  •  su : command obtains Super User privileges for the Terminal Emulator App
  • Mount-o yaffs2/dev/block/mtdblk3/system
  • ls/ system/app: command lists all the apps installed on your device
  • rm/system/app/<app name> command to remove any app
  • mount-o remount,ro /dev/mtdblock3 /system

Methods to remove preloaded apps on iPhone– A stock iOS device includes in iPhones which have several futile preloaded apps.  But these preloaded apps cannot be deleted conventionally. If your iPhone has not been performed a jailbreak action then the only way is to move all those unwanted apps into a single folder and hide it.

But if you have jailbreak action on your iPhone then you can delete futile preloaded apps with root method. It also have the same warning as Android based devices has, it may damage your iOS device.

Root process:

  • open Cyndia Store, download Mobile Finder
  • After downloading, navigate to /private/var/stash/Applications
  • You will see a list of installed apps on your iPhones
  • Just tap on the app which you want to delete and you have done.

You can follow these steps to get rid of futile Preloaded and unwanted apps that just spoil your smartphone performance.



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