How to Improve user Engagement & Experience on your Blog ?

All the blogger knows that blogging is the key to earn money online and build long time online business. This is always important to increase the performance of your blog by providing quality rich content to the audience so that they get exactly what they required. It is always an immense and pleasant manner to serve the target audience by improving the blogs for better user experience and to get high conversation rate for the online income.

Blog user experience

So, here are some common add on features that help to improve user experience on the blog-

Related post links

We always focus on the point that we are happy only when our visitors happy through our blogs. If visitors get through our blog through the search engine source then it will increase the performance as well as the number of visitors on the blog. And the most important thing is that user only get in to the deep of your blog if your blog is relevant to his/her search. So, to increase number of visitors on your blog you should provide related content link on every page. Although, it may help to your visitors to surf other related posts you have published or posted and this will definitely increase user experience.

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Most read and most popular feature

If visitors found the exact content and information which they are looking for then they usually search you blog for the other updates and information. From the most popular post and most rated post add on feature, you can serve the preeminent content to your visitors or users. Accordingly, you can also attach ‘recent comments’ and most commented posts using sidebar add on or below the main blog post as these kinds of feature attract the number of visitors and subsequently improve user experience.

Navigation using Breadcrumb

You can highlight your blog with the help of category and keyword as this feature depicts attention of visitors towards your blog post. With the navigation based category and keyword user can easily find out the related post which he/she needs. And this result in improved user experience and one can find right information at right time. This also helps to search engine bots to better index your page and cavernous navigate through your blog content so that page get the better performance on the search engine and you will get the high page rank.

Add (Functional) Design Elements

Functional design means highlighting key points or features with some background or any thing which look attractive to user and compel user to read that.

So, these are the basic features which you can apply to your blogs to increase number of visitors as well as to get the better performance on the search engine. As more and more people search your blog in the same manner your blog build more traffic and hence enhanced user experience.



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