How to Run Old Games & Software in Windows 8

As Microsoft is leading with latest version of Windows in the operating system range but sometime remedies are left with invention of new one. But, in most of the cases when we try to run games and software which are designed for Windows XP, 98 or DOS on latest platform, they do not show the compatibility for that OS. Current Windows 8 OS does not support the old version games and software except Windows7 but you can explore the Google for the name of the game or software along with Windows8 compatibility and the error associated with it, then you must get the solution for that.

Why games and software does not show compatibility with current version-

  • Due to the dependencies on old version of software libraries like .NET framework version 3.5 which cannot be installed on Windows8 platform.

  • Some software may depend on administrator access, which was taken for granted on Windows XP and breach when running on latest version of Windows. Some of the software has issues in older version of Windows as they are being resolved but resulted in application breaking.
  • The problem of 16-bit software as current version of Windows no longer possesses the compatibility layer for 16-bit applications.  If you have 16-bit application written for Windows 3.1 then you will require 32 bit version of Windows8.

You can download and run Windows8 Upgrade Assistant for proper upgrade as this will scan your computer and let you know about the software compatibility under Windows8.

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Microsoft also provides with Windows Compatibility Center Website that contains the list of software and hardware that will perfectly work on Windows8. You can also see the discussion provided in this website about the software experience.

Now, to use older games and any business software we need to update software to get it compatible with current version-

Update you software– If your software does not work properly, then you will need to update to latest version with whatever patches are available. Consider the example- an old game may not run on Windows8 properly when installed through disc but the game’s developer may have released the patch through which it can run on current version. Various games using Microsoft’s own Games for Windows Live don’t run properly on Windows 8 until an update for GFWL is installed. You may also need to update old libraries that your software supports.  Windows 8 support only 4.5 of .NET framework library, if you receive that kind of error then you can visit control panel and install 3.5 package libraries which in turn supports software that depends on .NET 3.5, 3.0 or 2.0.

Run as Administrator– Whenever you install a program, run it in administrator mode because sometime it fixes the issues as some of the applications require administrative access. To run a program in administrative mode, just right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator.

Enable compatibility mode- Windows have the compatibility mode option which you can open by right click on the icon and select properties and click compatibility tab. Here, you can run compatibility troubleshooter to have Windows walk you through choosing settings that might fix your problem.

Use DOS Box- If you have an old Dos game which is not functioning well on current windows platform then you can run it in DOS Box. This is a fee application that runs DOS based games on Windows allowing you to run DOS software.

Apart from that you can also use Virtual machine as this application allows you to run software that ran on previous versions of Windows.



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