Increase Referral Traffic using Stumbleupon

StumbleUpon is counted among the best social media network websites and it is widely popular in US possess alluring interface and much more. Stumbleupon has 12 millions of users and set the second position after Facebook in social media network. It is widely recommendable to generate traffic for website through it unique features and interface. First understand the concept of StubleUpon, what basically it is? It is not just a social bookmarking website as it consists of various attributes which allows you to like or dislike web pages and share them among your network and followers on it to increase the blog traffic and global ranking. As a user likes or stumbles on a specific page, it is put into the stumble upon lineup. More stumbles means more views on your page. If different stumbleUpon users randomly searching for new content on particular topic then it will be display the pages in the lineup for that topic to the user by using stumble button on toolbar.

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Most of the people face troubles while using this website due to lack of the use of its different interface. Sometimes people share their own pages which are not considered to be the right way even, you can penalized for this activity. Now, we will see how to use StumbleUpon in a proper way to gain the web traffic on search engine-

  • First extremely most important thing is your profile, it should be completed as incomplete and not well created profile gives the bad impact.
  • Enhance your network, ask people to follow your blogs.
  • Quality of contents should be rich enough so that people will voluntarily share it.

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  •  You can follow the concept like “You can follow me on StumbmbleUpon, I will follow you back”, this will give the more advantage in increasing the blog traffic.
  • Enable sharing with your followers on StumbleUpon in order that they can suggest you pages they like. Consequently, you can also share pages with them of their interest.
  • More stumbles, more views so you can ask your followers to stumble your article/blog and do the same in revert.
  • Spread your network by connecting with the people you know. Even more, you can also connect with the people who write on similar topics.
  • On every blog post, maintain your review, lists and favorites and comments on them. It is extremely important.
  • Install StumbleUpon toolbar and share pages on the fly in the same manner recommend this to other.
  • Don’t forget to add Stumble button in every post you like in order that user can easily share it with stumbleUpon.

You must follow all the above listed basic points because these are the key facts which are extremely important to build the blog traffic. StumbleUpon is all about growing your network reach and creating a better following to increase the traffic.



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