How to Integrate Google Apps with Windows 8

Google and Microsoft are the two big giants in software segment that offers latest technologies constantly. Windows 8 interactive and compelling look grab the positive attention of audience as it possesses new features and customization tools. As Windows8 platform specifically designed to push Microsoft services like, Internet Explorer, Bing and more but it is not limited to all, Windows 8 can support Google services like Gmail, Google search, chrome and more. Mostly people prefer Google services and that is the reason it become part of our life. Here is the solution how to adjoin Google important services to Windows 8 in an efficient way-

How to add Google search app

Google has its modern app known as search app which you can install from Windows Store. After the installation, you will get a tile that brings up a Windows8 style Google search app on the screen. It looks just similar to Microsoft Bing search app which is designed to compete with it. If you are using Internet explorer then you can change internet default search engine to Google and access the search with Google.

How to access chrome browser

Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser and which you can avail on windows8 platform. If you install Google chrome as a default browser then you will be able to use latest version of Google chrome in Windows8 platform. Through which you are able to access your Google account’s synced bookmarks, apps, extensions and other browsing data.

Simple steps to be followed-

  • Open Google chrome
  • Click setting button in the browser
  • After that click Relaunch chrome in Windows8 mode

Setting Gmail to Windows 8 mail

Windows8 comes with a pre-installed version of its mail app by which you can add various accounts to it. In the similar manner you can add gmail account-

  • Open mail option from start screen.
  • Press Windows+I to open mail settings
  • After that just click accounts.
  • Then go to Google and add your Gmail login details, then click connect.

Now, you get access to your Gmail mails and get the real time alerts in Windows8 when you receive your mail.

Add any Google app as a live tile shortcut

If you use any kind of Google app then you can easily do this by creating a live tile shortcut on start screen.  Now, you can easily access your commonly used Google app frequently-

  • Open Google chrome then go to the Google app of your choice like Google Drive.
  • Go to the setting button option, followed by tools
  • Then click Create application shortcut.
  • A pop-up will bounce on your screen asking where you want to create shortcut icon. Choose Desktop and then click create.
  • Now, the icon will appear on desktop, right-click shortcut to Google app and then click ‘Pin to start’.

Newly created Google app icon will appear at your start screen of Windows8, just click on it and access what you want.

With the help of these tricky ways you can access important Google services on Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.



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