KitKat, the New Android OS

Google introduces new name for its forthcoming operating system Kit Kat version 4.4 that is expected to launch this fall. Google is widely popular for nicknaming its Android mobile operating system on desserts name like Cupcake, Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean OS. But, this time latest version of Android operating system bears a candy brand name ‘Kit Kat’.

According to the report, financial terms and conditions weren’t disclosed between Google and Hershey Co. which makes the sweet name KitKat of new version of Android.


Origin of KitKat: This version name is highly in rumors because of the KitKat brand. KitKat consumers are young and vibrant and they love candy bars while looking at their tablets and smartphones and this sweet appeal simply match with Android. It is surprising that KitKat name is unexpected since tech pundits have speculated that next version would be called Key Lime Pie but very few people knew this name that’s why Marc Vanlerberghe, director of Android Marketing rid off this name for next version tag. They said that name was chosen because Kit-Kat bars have been a popular go-to snack among the team of Android.

How Google approaches to this brand name– As per the vice president of U.S. chocolate, Jennifer Podhajsky has said that Google approached them before six-nine months to use this name for mobile OS. KitKat candy brand is licensed under Hershey Co. situated in United States though Nestle owns the global brand. Some of the rumors said that latest marketing craze may be to slap a brand name on the tech or software product. Hershey Co. president also added that KiKat jingle is a good to have for break or to look smartphones or tablets while working. And apparently this would be a great snack of Android coders.

Goal behind KitKat version: Android discoverer Google said that it’s our goal with new Android KitKat to make an amazing and stunning Android OS experience for everybody. This seems to be hazy until the version hit in the mobile market. But, the main focus of Google to provide amazing experience to mobile users with Android KitKat is streaming with rumors. Google also has a plan to use its next Android release in smart watches, gaming consoles, low-cost smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It is quite astonishing that Android is now running on more than 750 millions smartphones and tablets throughout the world. And now Android 4.4 KitKat is set to change the world and the day would be no far when Android is the world’s mostly used mobile OS.



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