Mobile Website vs Mobile App (Application) Which Is Better ?

Having a smartphone is not enough until and unless you don’t know the full specification about the mobile devices like what are the mobile apps and websites and how they are significant as per their individual role. And this would be a great plethora in the world of mobile as per the general audience, technical and business considerations. Let’s have a brief glimpse about the two terminology of mobile-

Mobile Website– A mobile optimized website is a website which is intended to be viewed using mobile browser on a wide range of display sizes like phones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. Mobile websites are basic simplified version of standard website that provides better mobile user experience. The main feature of mobile website is to deliver faster page loads, improved usability and sometime even re-organize the content in a mobile specific environment.

Mobile Application- A mobile based app is the software application that works for a specific mobile device and runs on specific operating systems. And these software applications perform specific set of functions. For example- the Apps for iPhone and iPads are different.

Mobile App vs Mobile Website

After the brief know how about mobile web and app, here you can see the comparison based difference in the two-

Mobile Website vs Mobile App

  • Audience ReachMobile websites are viewable on any mobile devices that possess mobile browser but mobile apps are specific to the devices.
  • User Experience– In this point of comparison, mobile websites lacks with mobile apps because mobile websites having limited bandwidth, technologies and site performance but now it is going to improving while the app provides robust user experience.
  • Ease of development– Mobile websites are  developed with standard tools and technologies and support all the mobile devices while Mobile apps are built for distinct operating system and therefore requires unique programming languages and development kits.
  • Avail and Speed of implementation– Mobile websites are being published at once and widely available while Mobile app will require a submission process i.e. users must download and install app prior to use.
  • Updates and Maintenance– Mobile websites can be easily updated with browser refresh while Mobile apps platform requires re-submission process for updates and may require multiple development resources if updates are required for multiple operating systems.
  • Internet and connectivity: To use the mobile website one must have internet connectivity option while you can use the app without internet.
  • Installation- Installation is not required for any sort of mobile websites; on the other hand, proper installation is required for mobile app.
  • Cost of development- Mobile website development is 85 percent less expensive than the mobile app as they required the specific development kit for development.

For a company perspective, mobile apps often hold an obvious advantage over mobile sites and vice versa.  So, Mobile Websites and Mobile apps have their own advantage and limitations and both are necessary for a mobile platform.

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