Mylan acquired Famy Care Business

Mylan Inc. is a global generic and specialty pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Pennsylvania. In 2007, Mylan acquired a controlling interest in India based Matrix Laboratories Limited, a top producer of generic drugs, and the generic business of Germany based Merck KGaA. Through these acquisitions, Mylan has grown from the third largest generic company in United States to the second largest generic and Pharmaceuticals Company in the world.


Recently, Indian subsidiary Mylan Laboratories Limited, signed a definitive agreement to acquire certain female health care businesses from Famy Care Limited, a specialty women’s health care company with global leadership in generic oral contraceptive products for $750 Million in cash plus additional contingent payments of up to $50 Million. The acquisition will build on Mylan existing partnerships with Famy care in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Famy Care, headquartered in Mumbai, India, offers a comprehensive range of women’s health products including oral and injectable contraceptives, intra-uterine devices (IUDs), tubal rings, and hormone replacement therapy products. More than 15% of the world women using oral contraceptive pills today use a Famy Care product. It is the world largest producer of generic OCPs, with four high quality-manufacturing facilities in India, two of which have been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union.

Famy Care is the first generics company to have received prequalification from the WHO for hormonal contraceptives. This manufacturing base represents one of the lowest cost and largest dedicated to OCPs globally, and brings Mylan Strong capabilities in OCP cycles, injectable, IUDs, and tubal rings. Famy Care has a strong presence in the private, institutional, and non-governmental organization sectors and markets its products in more than 90 countries around the world.



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