New iPhone 6 Concept

Apple iPhone6 is highly in rumors because it is set to be the Apple’s biggest smartphone yet, as this grand device integrated with 6.2 inches that never seen in Apple devices. A new iPhone6 concept image demonstrated amazing features with ambitious configuration that will beat all other smartphones in the mobile market. The screen shows off edge to edge display and its casing is comprised of aluminum and carbon fiber frame with grapheme and this amazing combination of casing delivers brawny and lightweight handset that you can carry with comfort. As there is no look and design exposed about this alluring smartphone from Apple Inc. but it set to be the amazing device. It has been considered that an iPhone 5S arriving this summer or early fall, and the iPhone 6 release taking place sometime in 2014. In this blog, you can see the amazing concept of iPhone6

iphone 6 concept

iPhone 6 concept delivers large screen and several dazzling features

  • Display– iPhone6 said to be the next generation iPhone which bump the screen size, the concept image features the smartphone from 4.5 inch to 6.2 inch with retina display and resolution of 1296×754 pixels. This screen shows off a full HD edge to edge display that you have never experience in any smartphone yet.
  • Unique Feature– iPhone6 doesn’t acquire home button and boast up with finger sensor, which offer you the great user experience.

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  • Special Feature-More to iPhone 6 concepts, super smart iPhone is built up with waterproof technology and is capable to be beneath two feet of water in 30 minutes.
  • Camera– iPhone 6 features spots a 20MP camera which is quite bigger and provides high resolution images.
  • Processor– iPhone6 boasts up with dual quad-core Apple A7 processors with 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB internal storage in which you can store huge data.

This high tech smartphone will come without a traditional home button and the amazing concept delivers you a perfect clickable screen. This concept allows users to push on the bottom of the phone to enable the home button gesture on the screen. This will be the best user experience as it is the one handed operation that can be performed without using button.

Combine all the above features of concept image, designers created the iPhone6 design that perfectly match with the configuration. New control methods and tougher material case enable this device to be the next generation iPhone. The great design of iphone6 was made by Johnny Plaid which revealed the look of Apple iPhone6. This tempting iPhone6 is speculated to support the yet to be released version iOS8.  And according to Johnny Plaid, this iPhone 6 concept would have the expected cost of $499.



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