Reasons Why Writers Should Claim Google Authorship

Content plays pivotal role in blogging, you can publish your contents through your personal blog or guest posting. Google Authorship allows you to link your blogs content with Google account in order to maintain your content on the top search. For that, you should maintain your Google profile with photo and update your contents on regular basis. An author has the right to claim the Google authorship for their created contents. A well-experienced content writer always produces the unique and fresh content frequently for their blogs or websites. Consequently, this is the major part through an Author claims the authorship. Following are some reasons why it is essential to claim Google Authorship on the content you publish

google authorship

Keep track of your published content

This point includes that you must maintain and manage the content such as what you are writing and where you have posted. Google authorship allows you to maintain a ‘contributor to’ list so that you can see all the websites lists where your content published.

Protect against Stealing

In Authorship section of Google account, has a option to place the picture of Author, which would seen next to the link in search result pages and helps to protect against the plagiarism. Content is verified by Google Authorship and it will be placed on Search result pages above those attempting to steal.

Perk up aesthetic in SERP

SERP means Search Engine result pages and this can be resulted from claiming the authorship. This process will definitely enhance the performance and shows the result of your blog or content on the top. With the help of Google account, you can easily increase your blog performance on search engine.

Gain the benefit from additional links

Claiming authorship also improves the additional links on the SERP and your blog post or content gain huge advantage and benefits. If you have more blogs then you can attach the links of different blogs on website and this would result in better performance of your website on the search result pages. As the people visits your website for some specific search and find the particular one in which they are interested, it helps to improve number of visitors as well as performance on the search engine.

Get the Author Rank

Google provides the author rank through the SERP in its algorithm. Once you equipped with the authorship you have connected to your content with the Google. You can also get the credit associated with your content and this is quite helpful and valuable for contents and blogs.

The other main reasons associated with the authorship that it will enhances the rank and performance of your blog on the search engine. Thus, you can get the higher visibility and increased page views of your blogs or websites.



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