Send Text Messages from Your PC with your Android Phone

How it will be if you are able to send text messages from the wide screen like your PC with aid of your Android smartphone? It is appealing, as if you are working with your PC and text message comes to your phone, then you can take the advantage of your system. Yes, you can send and receive text messages from your PC as Google’s Android makes it possible for you. Interestingly, Apple does not allow other devices to send or display text messages so this is the main reason Android phones are worth considering despite of iPhones. Here are some Android apps trough which you can text and receive messages from your PC

send sms from computer

Mighty Text– Mighty Text is an Android based app which you can install on your device and connect the app with your phones through Google Account. Now, you can login to Mighty Text app from any browser with same Google Account. Mighty Text website provides you the facility to text and receives messages through your browser. There is a chrome extension in this app which alerts you on any notification about new text message. All the text messages will be sent via Mighty text to the Might Text app on your phone which will be treated as a standard form of text messages. You just have to install this app on your phone and then use your browser to send and receive messages and it is a great solution from texting from Android device through browser.

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AirDroid– This enticing app will function as a local web server on your Android device. First you have to install the app, and then you can access AirDroid in a browser if you are on a same local network as your device. This platform offers variety of ways to interact with your device which includes downloading and uploading files from your browser, managing installed apps and sending, receiving text messages. After installation of this app on your phone, type your phone address in your browser, accept the connection and click the message icon on AirDroid app page. And now, you will be able to text messages   via your browser with PC’s keyboard.

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MySMS- This is another app form Android that sends text messages from PC with Android device. Install MySMS app on your smartphone, press Activate button and create a password. Now open MySMS website to install app for any browser like chrome and login with your phone number and password you created. This app loads your text messaging history on the desktop where you can send and receive messages via browser on your PC.

Browser Texting – Install Browser Texting app on your Android device, then install chrome, Firefox extension on your PC. Now, click on the icon which is at the top-right corner of browser and also click the Scan QR-code button in the smartphone app. After that, just hold your phone’s camera up until the code appears in your browser. Interface of this app is quite clean and treats text messages like Instant Messaging. It also alerts when new message comes and shows the unread number of messages on icon if you have disabled desktop notification.

With the help of these apps you can use your PC keyboard to send and receive messages and experience the browser with app.



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