How To Setup GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions) Campaign ?

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) is a new ad format designed from Google specifically for 425 million , and growing , active Gmail users. AdWords Gmail Sponsored Promotion (GSP) campaigns have been in beta for several months, and allows advertisers to serve ads to users within Gmail messages. Initially, small teaser ads with copy and a logo are be displayed in the right rail, on top of, or below the email message (and often appears in all three locations at once).

The GSP ad which appears on the right-hand side supports html, images and video. When a user clicks the teaser ad, it expands to occupy the entire mail body.

Below is the step by step Procedure to setup GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions) Campaign :-

1) Image 1 shows the dashboard, on left hand side you can see campaigns , report , ads , health and so on.. in GSP we have to first create an ad then after that we can create a campaign.



2) Click on ads tab on the left hand side and then click on the red button which says ADGSP-Ad1



3) Now you have to enter the name of the AD that you want to create. There are 2 method to create an AD first one is you can upload the full teaser in zip file and second you can create by creating it online. We will follow the second step.GSP-Ad2


4) Ad Html :- Over here you have to past a Validate HTML code (it will be the page which you want users to see after clicking the ad)



5) Build ad Teaser :-

Headline will be 15 Characters,

Teaser title will be 25 Characters,

Teaser  body will be 100 Characters,

Display url will be 32 Characters

Teaser image will be 144px



6) Final step for AD creation 

7) Now We have to create campaign , all you have to click on red button on campaign.

8) Create campaign :- Name of the Campaign with Start date ,end date, budget, daily budget and Max Cost per Click.





9) For Optimization we have 2 options

1) Targeting Option

2) Conversion Cost Optimization


10) We have Demographics options such as Age, Gender, Language, Clients and Locations



11) We can target users based on their Interest categories such as 

i) Arts & Entertainments

ii) Autos & Vehicles and many more …



12) We can Target users based on their Keywords alsoGSP-Ad12


13) We can target users by Competitor’s DOMAINGSP-Ad13


14) We can target the purchase done by the users according to the mails that he received i.e. the invoice that people usually got on their mails.




Similarly we can do the exclusion depending upon users requirement, exclusion can be done at keyword level, domain level, interest level, job purchase.



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