How Social Media Is Being Used To Amplify TV Advertising

As we all known that social media is the most powerful tool today because it provides you the platform where you can do the advertising (online marketing) and grab the customers as maximum as possible. And according to the researcher’s statement, social media and TV advertising are not the mutually exclusive concepts. As the users love to appear on social media for regular updates and watching TV too and these conversations continue long time for a significant percentage of overall social media activity. Imposing use of social media into TV advertising is the better idea to won more audience and their participation to target the customers. This concept is not actually to compete with the social media but to utilize it in such a manner so that we can grab the user audience.

In this blog, you can see how TV adverting rises through social media and the leading strategies that amplify advertising part.

Social Media TV

Feasible analysis venture

In the year 2012, an amount of $ 350 billion was spent on TV ads globally to risen the advertisement. If it helps to bring the advertising more effective then there is a big opportunity of social TV to gain the major business.

Social TV presence on social media

As everybody have their own smartphones, tablets and Pc’s through which they regularly comments on TV shows and other events grown with mobile explosion in the market. Consequently, these devices make the things much more convenient for the people to comment on TV as more than forty percent of U.S. users browsed social media while watching TV.

Different kind of applications that make social TV popular

Variety of applications comprised of support for TV adsales, optimizing TV ad buys, and making all the ad buys more effective which is a complement to audience measurement, forecasting and real time optimization.  Social TV ad network can create a positive impact for generating a large number multi screen ad campaigns.

Twitter lag behind all the social media network

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have used for social TV-flavored strategies to grow the network. And out of the three, Twitter is the most leading social media because it popularize so much of its data in general public so that marketer can easily target the audience. Twitter regularly pitches the audience to advertisers as a way to continue the latest brand stories they tell on TV commercials.

Twitters newest ad product which includes TV ad targeting videos that helps to make the audience interested in the advertisement and then hit the visit to the specific brands. These are the basic overview points of social media that impacts on TV advertising and focusing on more audience.



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