The State of Mobile Advertising

As we have seen the market of mobile phones has becoming widely popular and each month we deliver to the mobile world approaching into the trends in the mobile market. In the state of mobile advertising, we compare the top devices, app category, pricing, advertising and much thing. This article will highlight three important drivers of mobile marketing advertising on the basis of regular mobile ad traffic-

  • Tight competition among iPhone and Android based smartphone.
  • Progressive growth of international mobile ad-markets.
  • Eminence of intelligent prioritization for advertisers to reach their targeted audience.

The State of Mobile Advertising

Rivals between the iOS and Android

iOS regains over the Android OS in mobile phones market in terms of monetization. As per the major competition towards the end of the last year, iPhone get the slight lead over Android phones in the quarter period. Continuing importance of tablet, ipads to the mobile marketplace, Android tablets groe to a small but noticeable share to the market. While iPad dominants progress up to 6% of all ad impressions and 12% of all revenue.

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Also of interest is the continuing importance of tablet devices to the mobile marketplace. For the first time we are specifically singling out Android tablets as they grow to a small but noticeable share of the market. Meanwhile, the iPad dominates, growing to over 6% of all ad impressions and over 12% of all revenue. Consequently at the end, we stressfully await the impact of Samsung S IV devices as the Galaxy S III devices drove 11% of all Android traffic, up from 9% last quarter.

Multimedia options remains on number 1 category

As business and Finance continues to release the highest revenue per impression, multimedia options like music, video and media leads all the publishers categories to generate the revenue leads.

State of advertising on the basis of priority of ad requests

According to the statistics, United States continues to drive the majority of ad requests. On the basis of quarter 4 of 2012, approx. 60 percent of all ad requests came from the USA but if we close to the quarter 1 results of 2013, it was decreased to 50.67 percent. As the mobile ad traffic still increases in the U.S. but it is not accelerating at the prompt pace we are seeing in Europe. The top five countries which generate the 65 percent mobile ad traffic in Europe are United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain. The Russian federation ranks no.7 by impression volume, after diving into the top 10 for the first time.

Intelligent prioritization of ad delivery which impacts the campaign performance

As the mobile advertising grows in the market, advertisers and ad networks striving to implement methods to optimize delivery response in market. According to the last quarter result, we began running top-level performance campaigns which take the advantage intelligence prioritization capabilities. CTR (click through rate) is the important factor in the advertising section as the conversion to be done on the basis of CTR. Quality rich, Creative media ads work well to engage potential customers and build a lasting relationship with them, but conversions are the target as they progress the business.

Apart from that, recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note II in September 2012 the company worked with Opera Mediaworks’ subsidiary 4th Screen Advertising to develop an interactive Parallax unit that would explore the key features of the device through an interactive experience.

These are the metrics which are used to evaluate the state of mobile markets on the basis of revenues and lead generation by advertising.



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