Things You should never Share Online

Social Media network is a widely popular network arena where you can share anything but sometime it become hazardous. While you are using internet, you must ensure your protection from hackers as they misuse your information. Sharing your personal information with social media might become dangerous because the information which you have provided in your account publically visible and less authentication permission are there. Internet hackers capture your info from there and use that illegally for the purpose of doing payments, hacking accounts etc. There are some of the credentials which you should never share-

  • Personal Mobile Number– Before sharing your phone number on the internet  make sure that some of the people over the internet having bad manners may use your number in an unauthenticated manner.
  • Never share your security credentials– Generally users share their credit card pictures on internet through instagram which is an online photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service that enables users to take pictures and videos and allow them to share with social network. You would try to avoid these sorts of mistakes and protect yourself from theft.
  • Never share picture comprised of bodily function– Never share to post the bodily images and videos like potty training photos on your social media network as this so annoying because everyone knows how to use it. This is really giving a bad impact on the general public.
  • Foursquare check-ins– Some of the people are extremely excited to share their each and everything on the social media like ‘Sunday, will go for olive garden ’such type of information just an invitation for creepy stalkers.
  • Obscure Post– Try to avoid vague kind of posts because we really don’t know what is the purpose of that kind of post.
  • Password – On social media like Facebook, you must provide password protection and try to avoid the password with your pet name as these are easily hacked.
  •  Never express about the bad things of your job– This is really a bad practice to rant the hate of your job on social websites as this truly a worse thing.
  • Never expose naked photo– Unlike the A-category celebrity who promote their nude photos on the social media you should not expose in that manner.
  • Medical/ Side effects condition– Stop sharing nonsense like side effects of medicines all these are rubbish.
  • Address– Never discloses your complete address on the social media network as you are providing invitation for someone to rob you.

These are the 10 points that you should never share online on the transparent social network to protect yourself from theft.



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