Tips For Avoiding Gmail Data Loss

In the running period, everyone is using gmail services to get updates. Gmail is the world’s largest hosted email account.  Gmail is a free, supported email service provided by google.

If you use Google App for business, then gmail may be an important part of your everyday activities. Your Gmail inbox can include communications from your coworkers, employees,  supervisers and even business associates form around the world. Gmail is convenient because you can access it form the multiple locations and all you company’s employees can access it from multiple locations and all your company’s employees can access email from the interface, even if you use POP or IMAP  to route messages from your company’s domain name to your gmail account.

Gmail providers  have experienced a serious technical issue resulting in widespread data loss. With gmail now being heavily used by businesses, and not just home users, this could land business in breach of data retention policies which could have financial and legal implication. Such a serious data breach has forced google to response very quickly to the problems.

How to avoid gmail data loss :

By knowing its features and limitations :

It is important to know about the features and limitations, especially when you are using google’s server space for placing a backup of your mails. For instance, Gmail does allow you to restore Gmail emails that you have deleted that currently reside in your trash folder, which can help you to backup mail sometimes it get permanently deleted.

Permanently deleted emails: Once you click the button to permanently empty your trash folder, the data was in it becomes lost forever. Google itself will not be able to retrieve this information for you. Take care not to accidentally click this button if there is any data that you might want to keep in your trash folder.

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Archive don’t delete: Prior to Gmail, users like yourself didn’t have many options besides simply saving emails that you might need sometime in the future or deleting the. However, Google has include the ability to archive messages and data with their mail services. This will remove messages from your inbox without placing them in your trash folder. Archiving messages is a great way to keep them but also keep them out of the way, if you’re not sure if you might need to use that data again. You will still search through the messages with Gmail’s search feature.

Remember to back up your data: A recent study on google apps data loss by backupify evaluated the reasons why businesses lose data and found that 63% of occurrences are due to user error. While  Gmail itself does make it easier to retrieve deleted messages than many services or programs, you might want to consider other alternatives. For example, one of the Google Apps for business users is a vault service that allows you to create a data backup from Google services like chat and mail to make it easier to organize and find data during times of litigation.



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