Top 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Running a Giveaway

Apart from the Social network traffic from social blogging community, there seems to be one autonomous factor that have equal opportunity element which a blogger generally needs. This independent factor name is giveaways which is far different from the term web traffic although traffic is required for this process. In the online business, a giveaway is an easy and cost savvy way to promote the product and brand name in front of new audience.


Let’s have the key tips to increase the influence of your website through giveaway-

Start relationship with brand along with the proposal of a giveaway– When running with a giveaway you need to set some predetermined goals and targets to achieve success. Start with a pleasant and enthusiastic email in which you describe all about your interest with the brand and the strategy that you want to execute for brand success.

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Utilize the blog post option to execute a giveaway– Yes! The blog post is the most appropriate option to demonstrate a giveaway.  With the help of post you can incorporate lots of images rather than bulk of texts to explain the norms about brands or products. Make sure the announcement regarding cut-off date for entries and update the post when certain discount closed.

Track the visitors through the comment option- To gain the leads for your website and brand, the easiest way is to use comment option. You can track giveaway entries on a giveaway through leaving a comment on the post.

Allow the social media like Facebook and Twitter entries for promotion- As social media is the giant platform that supports promotion of your brand and product/services so you have to use Facebook and Twitter to grab the visibility for your giveaway.  Do tweet or post specific about the brand you are working with and this step provides you more exposure. Once you select the giveaway winner, you can announce the name through social media because it impacts a lot on your brand.
Use the #hashtag to track the entries in context with brand- While running with a giveaway on social media platforms make a #hashtag that allow your readers and followers regarding how to tweet to enter your giveaway so that you can track all the social media entries.

Figure out the facts how you want your giveaway to go- If the third party brand with which you are running a giveaway, sends   the product to you then it’s your responsibility for contacting the winner through the mailing address and pay the shipping charges to deliver the prize.

Clear the terms and conditions about shipping- It is quite important to state clearly where you will accept the entries and if you are not going to shipping the products then must ask from the brand where they are willing to ship to.

Select the popular sites that boost your giveaway- You may register with the site like to promote your brand with lots of exposure. Subsequently, it will enhance the web traffic and promote your brand.

Keep relevant content in your giveaway that specifies your brands- Just keep the specific content in a giveaway that identifies your brand.

Promote the brand with giveaway directories- You can gather tremendous traffic from adding a giveaway to a directory. Directory submission generates the huge traffic to your brand and it is the simplest and free move to earn promotion.

So, these are the key points that help you to get most from running a giveaway for a particular brand or your own business. 



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