Top 5 Eye-Catching iPhone Apps for Teens

In this internet and smartphone eon we can’t imagine our life without the iPhones and iPads as these are the essential part of our life. And you ever imagined the iPhone without nifty apps installed? If no then here in this blog you will see the top five eye- catching iPhone apps that provide you the amazing experience. These apps are quite beneficial and entertaining too for teens because they learn tremendous things and grow the innovative ideas instantly.

Band name generator

This is quite interesting iPhone app that helps you to make your band name. One of the first major decisions of a rock band is to pick a band name because it reflects the eminence of your band so, it shouldn’t be taken calmly. This app will offers you the exclusive innovative name for your group.  So, you can rock with your amazing band name with this app.


If you have an iPhone then you never need to be like a dedicated eReader because you have the Stanza app. This app gives you access to a massive selection of books and magazines, which are all easy to read on your iPhone . The most enticing feature is that you can turn the page with a flick of your finger only.


If you have Drummer, you have the way to become iconic attraction in the party. With this Drummer app, you can alleviate your conscience with the knowledge that you’re not really lying. This graceful app let’s you play the music over virtual drums and you can add your own track to your desired songs.

Bargain Bin

If you really want to be a free thinker or liberal just go with Bargain app. Bargain bin is a free app tells you which apps are on sale and then you can easily download that app on your iPhone. With this app, you can build your library easily for your bank accounts and other purposes.


Suppose if you are with a bunch of friends and need to pick a restaurant instantly, you have the best option on your iPhone, just download the Urbanspoon app. This app will help you find you’re looking for. This app will caters you the various dining options based on your location and their reputation.

Apart from these apps, there are more fun oriented apps which you can download on your iPhone and iPads and enjoy the apps functions and features.  And hopefully, these top -five eye catching app work great and you can feel awesome while you are enjoying the apps. You can pick the coolest app that you want to play on your iPhone and delight with your friends.



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