Twitter to acquire ZipDial

Micro blog and social network service Twitter is in talks to buy Bangalore based startup ZipDial. The deal is said to be closed to $30 Million- $40 Million. ZipDial offers a unique marketing solution where consumers can give missed calls to a number to engage with an advertising brand. If the deal works out, ZipDial would be Twitter’s first acquisition in India.

Twitter Zipdial

The basic functionality of this startup revolves around people who call numbers, but hang up before the call is answered. This simple alert then becomes the basic for a number of other, commercial actions, and analytics to track everything. This proves beneficial to Twitter, who can try to engage with users who do not log into Twitter. ZipDial founded by Valarie Wagoner, Amiya Pathak, and Sanjay Swamy in 2010, has been working with Twitter for a while.

In past, it entered into a partnership with Twitter India to allow those without the Internet or smartphone to follow superstars by giving a missed call to a particular number. User could later engage with the actor by “tweeting” through SMS. It offers a service for users to dial/hang up on a number to activate receiving a tweet stream from a specific Twitter account. Last year, Facebook also announced the use of missed calls for generating leads from their ads for customers. The entire service was run and design by ZipDial.

It could be data play for Twitter, as mobile advertising becomes a big revenue earner for the company. ZipDial brings in user preferences for brands in tier 2 and tier 3 cities where smartphones are yet to make an entry. Earlier Twitter had acquired mobile advertising startup Namo Media last year. The combined platform will improve the social media power’s ability to deliver ‘native ads’ promotional material that blends into mobile apps and mobile websites.



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