The Utilization of a Chatwing Chatroom

Chatting has been regarded as one of the most convenient ways to communicate with anyone, no matter where they are in the world. This is the reason why so many chatting tools have been created and a lot of them can be acquired through the internet. And one of these tools is Chatwing – a chatting tool that has set itself above the others through constant improvement of its chatting capabilities. Chatwing is an all-in one package tool, so to speak – it’s very efficient, easy to use and very affordable.

The chatting tool is very to utilize, and you can do it in more ways than one. You can either embed it in your site as a supporting tool or use it directly as a stand alone chatroom. This is a tutorial as to how you can do just that. Now, let’s begin.

Step 1: Registration

Before you can start anything, you’ll need a Chatwing account. Go to Chatwing’s homepage and open up the registration form by pressing the Register button. The form only needs an email address and password so completing it will be an easy task. Check the boxes below the form before submitting it to successfully create the account. Now, head on to step 2.


Step 2: Create the Chatroom

After the creation of your account, you’ll be redirected to your own Dashboard page. There’s a chatroom and moderators list here – you can view your future chatrooms and moderators here and manage them easily. To create a new chatroom, press the Create chatroom button. This will redirect you to the next page too.


Step 3: Customization

This is where you’ll spend most of your time in this whole process – the customization page. This panel is divided into several tabs, with numbers varying depending on the Mode you’re using. Basic mode has seven tabs while Advanced mode has fifteen. Each tab has its own customization setting you can change to modify the chatroom down to its very last detail.

What you’re going to do here is simple – browse through those tabs and change those settings until you get the desired result for your chatroom. You can see the changes take effect on the preview window found at the right side of the customization page. Take note of the Save buttons found on some of the tabs. You need to press these in order to save the changes you’ve made.

You can also find Chatwing’s additional functions in some of the tabs. Utilizing these functions can increase the chatroom’s overall efficiency. When you’re done customizing, press the Use button – it’s on the upper part of the Customization page.


Step 4: The Embedding Page

Much like the Customization page, this page is also divided into tabs. The only difference is that you don’t need to go through these tabs – you’ll only need to choose one. These are the methods of utilizing your chatroom. You’re free to choose any depending on your situation.


  • Group Chat URL

This tab focuses on using the chatroom directly. You see your chatroom’s URLs here, both short and long. Choose one of these URLs and paste them into your browser. After loading up in a moment, you can instantly use the chatroom.

This tab is pretty useful if you want to create an interactive chatroom for your friends and anyone who wants to join in. Chatters can easily access it by sharing them the URL for that chatroom. But if you want that chatroom to be exclusive only to your friends, then you can set up a password for it. Only the people who know the password are able to use it and see the conversations inside.


  • Embedded Options


This tab will embed the chatroom into your site, just as the name implies. Before embedding it however, you can still change the size of the chatroom. There’s another preview window here which also let you see the changes being made on it. Simply click and drag the scrollbars to change its height and width


When you’re satisfied with the size, look for its Javascript codes below. There should be two sets of codes in it. Copy both and paste them on the part of your site where you want the chatroom to show up. For example, you can paste the codes as new content on your site – this works pretty well on Blogspot sites.


The chatroom should show up after you open your site again. However, there are sites that don’t execute Javascript well. If your site happens to be one of these, then you’ll need to replace the codes you just pasted. Replace them with the iFrame codes found at the bottom of the Embedded Options tab.


If you set up the chatroom on your site, it can become a very efficient supporting tool. And with you managing it, you can easily provide them with credible information about your site. Answering their questions via live chat also becomes possible with it too.

  • Popout Options


This tab somewhat has the same purpose as the Embedded Options tab. The difference is that instead of the chatroom, a popout icon will be embedded instead. This will, in turn, open a new window with the chatroom in it once clicked. This is pretty useful if you want to save web space on your site.

You have the option to modify the icon first before embedding it using the customization options inside the tab. The change you’ve made can be seen on the right, in another preview window.


Below the customization options of the icon is its HTML codes. Copy the codes and paste them where you want it to show up. Save your progress and open your site again – the icon should be there.


Using the customization options, you can easily entice your viewers to click the icon. You can put “Click Here to Chat with Us” on the icon, put lively colors as its background color or make the icon slightly bigger to get their attention easier.


Using the Chatroom

As said before, you can choose between the three utilization methods of your chatroom. Pick which one best suits you. The chatroom, using the Privacy methods, can be made public or private depending on you. As for your chatters, they can use their social media accounts to log in, making easier for them to join your conversation. You can easily recognize them too, because their profile pictures will serve as their avatars while inside the chatroom.

Chatwing’s security functions can easily clean out any nuisance in the chatroom. You can kick anyone with ease and delete their messages at the same time. You can also set up word filters too, to prevent the chatroom from being littered with profanity. These functions can be shared by your moderators, who can assist you in managing the chatroom, but that also depends on you.

With Chatwing’s and its features, managing a chatroom will be an easy task and providing your chatters a great place to chat with everyone is very easy to achieve. This chat software is still being improved as we speak, so that it can provide its users what they have always provided since the start – the best chatting experience.

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