Viewable CPM Bidding and Active View Metrics in Adwords

There is a major change in display network campaign, while creating a display campaign with CPM bidding option we have seen some change, new option is there where we can enable viewable CPM (with Active reporting) where Google will optimize for viewable impression and we will be charged when ad becomes viewable.

CPM Bidding update

We have also seen new metrics that is been introduced in adwords interface

i) Active View viewable impr.

ii) Active View view able CTR

iii) Active View avg. CPM

CPM metrics

Well right now there is no documentation to share about these metrics as there is no Official update in Adwords Help Center, but according to me

i) Active View viewable impr. :- this means that the ad will appear on screen for atleast 1 Sec

ii) Active View view able CTR :- is the click through rate on these ads

iii) Active View avg. CPM :- is the average cost per 1000 Active impressions

As its a recent changes that Google has made in Adwords so there is no help that I could find any where not even in the help center.

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